Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Closet Cleaning

After going through the items I bought from NY&Company, I decided to return the purple sparkle cardigan and the simple black one as well. I also tried it in a dark teal but wasn't convinced so I returned. I'm trying to branch my wardrobe versatility out, and thanks to Audrey at Putting Me Together I've found the site Go Chic or Go Home. Using this site I can see everything I own (well, adding pictures as I can lol) and I can clearly see what I am missing and what I have too much of.

In all honesty, I also have added additional items with all the amazing sales out there, and forgot to list a few items in the last post of things I got over the summer. Then I went crazy on ebay and bought (cheaply, but still) several cute tops. I'm too embarrassed to list it all out, which indicates I went way overboard.

I've been inspired by Janice at The Vivienne Files lately. While only having 33 peices of clothing for a season and only selecting 6-8 colors total for my wardrobe is a bit too limiting to me, I do want to believe in the 'less is more' and reduce my consumption when it comes to clothing. Very opposite of my behavior lately.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Welcome Baby

Welcome to the world Eliana! She was born Nov. 25th at 7lbs 10oz and 20in long. We are both doing well.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Closet Cleaning and Semi-Reviews

So, I have been working on cleaning out my closet. I'm really focusing on getting rid of things that never fit properly, were too small, & things I didn't love. I want to replace SOME of the things I am getting rid of with items that fit better and are better quality.

So far I've listed quite a few things on ebay, 10 cardigans, 21 other items. I have 1 cardigan, 2 tops, and 1 dress in the donate pile so far and at least 18+ more things to list on ebay. I also have an undecided pile with another dozen+ items. This is after my last recent sort with two garbage bags of items that were donated and discarded  (including things from my husband and pajamas, etc).

My keep pile is really big right now, since I can't really try things on. I'll have to wait until I am no longer pregnant and am stable in my weight to figure out what actually will fit and look good, but in my keep piles are:
6 pairs of pants, 6 skirts, 6 pairs of denim pants, 10 cardigans, 5 blazers, 4 coats, 8 sweaters, 9 dresses, 28 tops and tees, and 11 layering tanks and camis. I also have ~19 pairs of shoes, ~7 belts and scarfs, and ~22+necklaces (have yet to count earrings or bracelets). I'll need to pare this down some more and make sure I didn't miss anything in the list. I feel pretty sinful- that is 93 items of clothing alone, perhaps more when I get through my undecided pile, perhaps less when I do my next sort when I try everything on. I included in the count recent purchases, see below.

 I got my orders from NY&Co (above). Immediately I decided the cardigan in blue and the cardigan in grey had to be returned- the fabric was so sparkly it looked cheap. I'm trying really hard to edit my closet down to things I will wear often, are versatile, and will fit in my new aesthetic. I took the rest and compared them to items that I already own that really fit well. I ended up also returning the white cardigan, because it was so over sized. I kept the two black cardigans, the burgundy cardigan, and the purple cardigan. I also kept the black dress and the white belted sweater. I know it seems redundent to keep 2 black cardigans- but the one black one is nice and simple with the beautiful ruching at the waist, and the other one was sparkly and had a different cut. Black always gets a lot of wear, so I like having two different options to rotate in between. Plus, I got rid off 11+ cardigans so replacing them with 4 nicer ones doesn't feel so bad!

I also ordered some items from Maurices- The grey lace back blazer, the black ruffle back blazer, the top in white, the top in teal, the cami in purple, the sweater in purple and the dolman sweater in purple. I also ended up purchasing in store the black open cardigan. I returned the white top and both purple sweaters. The white top's fabric was too thin and was very likely to pill, both sweaters were very large and not as attractive as I thought they would be.

I also admitted to purchasing a berry-colored lace back cardigan from Rue21 and a black ruffle dress from NY&Co earlier this summer, so yes a lot of shopping for a woman that can't even wear the clothes. I'm considering this as a good investment (of course! justification from a fashion blogger!). All clothes from Maurices have an unlimited time limit to return, as long as you have the receipts. The recent orders from NY&Co have 60 days, so I should have a good idea by the time limit if I am keeping them or not. I also got all of it on sale- and the stuff from NY&Co was really excellent as far as price goes because I got the free shipping, BOGO 1/2 off,  and to top it off coupons of $100 off $200 and $50 off $100 (and my orders were almost exactly on the money). The sweaters ended up $16.xx a peice when you divide what I paid by the amount in the order! I also was very careful to compare what I have to what I got and to make sure that everything should fit properly (as long as I get back to the approximate size I was). I have stayed far away from pants, as I am sure that my body will fit differently in pants after I have this baby!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Maternity 35wk OOTD

Top- Express Camisole 2011 (not maternity)
Cardigan- Maurices 2012 (not maternity)
Stretchy Belt- from an old pair of pants (not maternity)
Pants- Maternity Pants 2012 (OhBaby! I think)
Flats- JCPenny
Bracelet- Kohls
Necklaces- Heart was gift for 12th birthday, longer necklace from Aeropostale 5+ years ago.

As promised, an OOTD- many months late! Sorry!

So, this outfit was an accident but I ended up really liking it. I bought this cardigan on Friday to wear post-pregnancy, and I was so excited about it I was determined to wear it now. I ended up adding a stretchy belt from an old pair of pants to make it stay in place- believe it or not this is the first time I have 'belted the bump'. I think it looks pretty decent (especially considering some of the maternity wear out there). Nothing is maternity on top. I also like the necklace combo, which is something I never would have thought of before- both necklaces are very old, but they feel new together like this. I wore almost the same thing to work the next day, just switched the denim pants for trousers.

I've gained ~40 lbs so far and have another 5 weeks to go!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


An update on the pregnancy- everything's been really good, I've had minimal issues and have a lot to be thankful for so far. I'm 33 weeks and am at that ungainly part of pregnancy where nothing fits or covers my belly well anymore, but I am unwilling to purchase anything at this point. I bought 3 pairs of slacks and 2 pairs of jeans early on (I started very early needing maternity pants), and maybe 8 tops at the most including layering tanks. Several of my regular tops did (and some still do) fit pretty well. I have made an effort to dress up and stay 'fashionable'. I have not donned sweatpants once ;).

Lately I've been cleaning out my closet and will be selling a lot of items on ebay and donating the rest. Things that didn't fit well pre-pregnancy, things I didn't even fit into (stuff from a few years ago that has been too small for me), items I've been holding onto for too long. I really plan on getting to my goal in terms of style and minimizing my closet to fewer but better items.

Up until now I have resisted buying things for post-baby with the exception of a super pretty dress (a friend bought and wore it, and I loved it so much I couldn't pass it up) and a little lace cardigan because I honestly don't know exactly what size I will be.

I'm currently excited about some things I ordered on Monday. NY&Co had too good of a sale to pass up- BOGO 50% AND $100 of $200 / $50 off $100 and free shipping over $100. I bought items totaling $443.55 (sans BOGO price discount) for $174.82 including shipping (that is a ~61% discount or savings of $268.73)! They have a 60 day return policy online, which is cutting it close because I am due 53 days from my order date (original due date is 36 days, which I think is more accurate). I ordered 7 cardigans (yes, I know! But I am going to choose which ones I like the best and return or gift the rest, and I weeded out at least that many to sell if not more), a pont-knit dress, and a sweater. I should be able to gauge the fit of most of that based on what I own already and hopefully will have a chance to try them after giving birth before the 60 days is up.

I think I'm just tired of the same old same old maternity clothes and am excited about fitting into normal clothes again. I'm also up for a promotion and have been serving as an interim supervisor lately, so I'd like to dress the part more when I get back from maternity leave. I'm a little worried about having difficulty losing the weight I have gained, which so far is around 35 lbs, but we'll have to see I think.

I'm excited to get back to blogging because having those outfit posts has been so educational for me to look through to see what works for me, what doesn't, and I love having them as a reference! I didn't intend to stop blogging, but life got busy and work has been crazy with me basically doing 3 jobs in one. Plus I am still working on getting my house in shape and will share pictures some day!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Everything's good

Just wanted to quickly stop by and say everything is going well. I'm quickly approaching my 20th week here :) I'm due Nov. 30th, and so far so good! I'll post some pictures eventually! I've just been so busy, the blog really slid off my to do list. I'm hoping to find out if I am having a boy or a girl in two weeks.

Also, I'd like to redirect some of the focus here. I bought a new home last Nov, and have been/am redoing some of the rooms. It's been fun! I would like to post on my progress, inspiration, and of course before/after pictures. :) Living room is up first, but eventually hopefully the nursery as well lol!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

sorry for the absence!

Sorry for the long absence, it's been a tough few weeks. I'm getting down to finals in college, and early pregnancy is not a lot of fun. Here are some snapshots of outfits from yesterday and a few days ago!

 New stretchy dress from Kohls- love this thing, and should work for quite a while maternity-wise. I was having a real good day, and my stomach wasn't bulging! The fit of this dress helped hide it though.
 New maternity pants from Kohls. I have gained ~12 lbs and have a tummy pooch that depending on the day is small to huge. I don't fit in most of my old pants (or 1/2 my tops for that matter)- I have about 3 pairs left that I can use with a rubber band! Yes, very early weight gain- but if I don't eat fairly constantly I get super nautious, so it's been a struggle.
Same pants as above, F21 blazer was too big when I got it and I planned on returning it but now it's made it into the 'keep' catagory now that I have outgrown so many of my closer-fitting items. I wore this for a presentation. The boots I have on are my brown riding boots, nothing else is new.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So... Surprise? TMI?

via google images,

Luckily for me, no-one who reads this blog knows me in real life.

I got the surprise of my life yesterday at the doctor's office.

I'm 7 weeks pregnant.

dun dun DUN...

We've been trying for the last 9 months, and I had almost given up hope at this point.

At least I have an excuse for the extreme exhaustion on this side.We don't plan on telling anyone for another month, but I need an outlet so here you go. : ) I just really hope everything goes well and I have a healthy pregnancy and child. We're both very excited.

I found out because I was having some serious cramping and (TMI) thought I had a UTI... turns out I have a yeast infection and a baby. Lol. I missed my period this month but took 2 pregnancy tests a week apart which were negative, so I missed figuring out I was pregnant and thought I was just hormonal and stressed.

I don't expect this blog to become a 'mommy' blog.  :) But, I had to let the cat out of the bag SOMEWHERE!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Week 3

I didn't get yesterday's outfit, so yet again a short week- Monday-Thursday. Which is your favorite? Least favorite? Any suggestions?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

old standby

Dress- Lirola Etsy Shop
Shoes- 6pm Seychelles
Necklace- UO
Bracelet (not pictured)- JCPenny

Just a short OOTD. 80 degrees and needing to run errands in the heat plus work in the office = easy dress, ponytail, and simple accessories. This dress is just a flattering dress that works pretty much in all seasons, accessorized and plain.

Do you have a dress that you default to like this one?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goodbye Cardigan

Dress- Loft Outlet
Belt- came with a top
Shoes- Seychelles via
Necklace- Maurices
Bracelet- JCPenny
Earrings- too old to remember (05'?)

Today did not feel like spring. It was 80+ degrees outside! So perhaps this dress is not super office-friendly, however I went to college where I walk a ton then drive in a car without a/c for an hour and a half and arrive at work in the afternoon on Wednesdays (hence the messy hair pulled back). The dress has such a pretty back detail- but hard to photograph with a cell phone. I had a sweater to cover up to make it more office-appropriate. I had buttoned it right where the belt is (it was quite flattering). Unfortunately my trusty pretty sweater met its end today and I was unable to wear it past early afternoon, and therefore did not get a picture:

So sad. I wear this cardigan a lot, despite that I have no recent photographic evidence. I'm very sorry to see it go!!! Here is a little ode to my sweater, bought in January of 2010. It was too small anyways. Photos courtesy my old blog: