Sunday, February 5, 2012


So, after many  months of distance from my blog, I have decided to come back.

I want to make it clear that while I certainly have been out of focus in the past, I have a new direction for this blog. I'm planning on mixing the vanity shots/outfit pics with my overall goals of becoming a better person. I'll be working on this as we go along. The new title is Mejorar- Spanish for 'to improve'.

This is not where I will spend a lot of time. I work full time, go to college, and have a life- I have friends, I practice piano, go ice-skating, and go to zumba tone classes. I'm much happier and more fulfilled than I used to be.

I still have an interest in personal style and improving my 'style'. Over the last few months I have found myself and my style aesthetic. Reading 100's of fashion blogs and being influenced by them while shopping created a crazy disconnect in me- so I stopped that too. Now I can read a select few, but for inspiration- not for the shopping/fashion addiction. I feel like my eyes are open and the fashion blogging goggles are off for good.

I don't expect to get a lot of readers- and I don't expect adoring comments. Be honest. I have no problem with negative feedback- and while I am still learning to dress to flatter my figure, I can still appreciate honest feedback. I won't be fishing for readers/comments or posting things just because everyone else is. I also will not be doing this for any incentives- no advertising, no c/o anything, no giveaways. Just me.

And here is an outfit I am wearing today, just to get this started. Yes, crappy cell phone pictures- this will not be changing. I'm not a fashion model, and I don't have a photo-boyfriend who can take quality pictures for me. I don't know how to edit pictures with photoshop. I don't have the time or inclination to make this look like a magazine, so this is what you get.

Leather Jacket- Arden B
Shoes, Jeans, Top, Bracelet- JCPenny
Necklace- Debs from 05?
Earrings- too old to remember 

ETA: I wanted to comment on what could improve each outfit. So I'll start here- the shoes are too matchy matchy, something more fun would be great like a purple shoe instead. Which I don't own, so these made do. The jewelry is kind of too 'going out' or night-time, but I thought it was fun.

also, I didn't realize I left this private. oooppps. :)

One last thing. Please, don't comment just to throw your link or giveaway on my blog. Comment because you want to, not because you want traffic.


  1. I am commenting just because I want to! ) I'm glad you're back. I just came back too - last week. I am crazy jealous of that leather jacket. I am not a leather jacket kind of girl but I have seen a few lately that have made me reconsider!

    1. lol, I probably phrased that a little harsh :) I just am tired of seeing the typical 'cute outfit! vist my blog at!'

      Thank you for commenting! :) As for leather jackets- it's really hard to find one that fits well. This one has a waist/back that is an elastic material, which really makes the difference (but sounds weird lol).

  2. Awww. so nice to receive love from your readers.

    Your outfit looks nice and chic.

    1. thanks girlie! I checked out your blog the other day and wow, your blog is looking stunning! I love the exercises, I am thinking about trying a few- and I have been attempting makeup much more often, so I think I'll be using some of your tips!

      Thank you :)