Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Necklace, Cardigan- Maurices
Top, Pants- Express
Shoes- JCPenny

First up, the outfit. I'm really into it. I only wish the top was an inch or so shorter to get a better proportion. Again, a fun color in the shoe would probably make it better, but I don't own a shoe that would work. I think I have around ~14 pairs total, including sneakers.

So, last night I was watching What Not to Wear (favorite guilty pleasure). I have a DVR (amazing BTW! Have had it for almost 2 months now) and when I have a chance I will sit down and watch WNTW, which usually ends up maybe 1x a week. I have learned so much from Stacy and Clinton, seriously. Anyway, last night they had made up an acronym for a woman who just didn't know what to buy/had no shopping standards.

B- for BODY- does this item FIT and FLATTER my body?
A- for Age Appropriate- is this age appropriate for my age and life?
S- for Situation- is this item versatile, and is there a situation that this is appropriate for?
E- for Expense- is this item worth the $ I am spending on it?

If an item met these four BASE guidelines, then it was worth purchasing. They also often point out that outfits should have these 3 things to make them visually interesting:

Shine, Sparkle, & Texture

 I am going to use these for myself when shopping and getting dressed.

The only other thing I would add would be to go in stores with a set budget and do not go over it for anything. If an item exceeds the budget, then it should indicate that either you should save for it or it's a silly impulse and will pass. This is something I am working on with the self-improvement, a better/more in depth post is to come on this subject.

What can you add to these guidelines?


  1. I'm not sure what else I would add, but I like the budget being included.

    That top is a fabulous color and I LOVE that cardigan!

    1. awww thank you Melissa! Yeah, budgeting isn't often discussed, but let's be honest- it's a super important factor in the real world. Sometimes I wonder when reading fashion blogs- some women have budgets I would love to have, and others seem to focus on spending without regard to budget. I try hard to balance, and have been getting better.

  2. You know, leopard flats would look so cute with this. :) Seriously though - I have a cardi almost identical to that one and it is most certainly a favorite! I remember that episode of WNTW (and yes, the DVR is the best thing ever, next to my iPod) and after seeing you write it out like that, I feel like I need a laminated card with the "rules" to pull out when I go shopping!

    1. lol, that's a great idea. It's so easy to get caught up when shopping with other ideas that it can be hard to focus on why we are buying things.

      I agree, leopard shoes are pretty darn versatile. Lately I've been loving it with cobalt blue- I'm thinking it should be on my list of things to look for. :)

  3. Replies
    1. thank you lady :) I always get so many comments on it when I wear it- even the engineers have to comment on the polka dots, as if it was unusual lol. I don't pull it out often enough.