Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Top- Kohls
Blazer & Neclace- H&M ('09)
Tank (can't see)
Pants- BR ('10)
Shoes- Charlotte Russe ('09)

So, sorry about missing Monday & Tuesday! I had some time constraints and also did not have my trusty camera man (I mean, my cell phone was out of commission) lol. I'm going to try to put on what I had Mon and Tues and take a pic/post it. Yesterday I had my black pencil skirt on with a green v-neck top and I was really sad I couldn't post my outfit.

So, today I wanted to comment on fit. This blazer used to fit me perfectly (and I think is a little 'young' now), but now I think is a little small, particularly in the bust. It looks small period with this sweater and tank layered under, but I think that is just due to bulk. It's really hard to find things that fit really well- and as I go on, I am finding that my definition of 'fit' is continually maturing as well.

Have you had issues with fit? Has your definition of a good fit changed over the last year or two?


  1. No kidding. Try having a baby. EVERYTHING - from boobs to hips to even feet - fits wrong.

    Back to your jacket - I don't think it's ill-fitting at all. IN fact, I like it in this outfit.

    1. thank you! :) Jackets are a hard fit for me often anyways, because I do have a defined waist- which is lower than most garments are cut, and I have a larger bust. Button up shirts are impossible for me at this point, I gave up on those!

      I'm worried about the baby thing (if/when I have kids). I've heard all kinds of things- like your feet can change size, your hips widen and never go back down, proportions change, even the chest never returns to they way it was (bigger, smaller, etc). That part of pregnancy/post preg. just seems to really suck! But I guess the result is what makes it worthwhile lol!