Monday, February 6, 2012


Top- Kohls
Necklace- UO
Cami- Maurices
Pants- JCpenny
Bracelets- H&M

So, me again! Just a quick post today, sorry you can't see head to toe. I have slim bootcut jeans on with tan sketchers FYI. Worn walking around college all day- I swear I walk about 7 miles a day if not more.

This top makes me happy. Waist definition, peekaboo lace sleeves/shoulders. The white cami (can't see well) has a pretty lace floral edge to it. Not sure about how I could improve the outfit, but the make-up was only so so today. 

Hope you had a great day : )


  1. I adore the color of that top - works in every season! Great cut on you too, like you said!

    1. thank you Taylor :) I really love coral. If I had to pick 3 non-neutral colors for my wardrobe to stick with, I think I would pick coral, blue/green, and purple. Ok so four colors lol.