Sunday, March 4, 2012

February in a Post


This month, I decided to come back to blogging! I talked about shopping guides/rules, budgeting and impulse buying, limiting factors in a wardrobe, buying special-occasion dresses, and . My favorite outfit this month was this one (left), and my least favorite was this one (right):

A lot of bloggers have been inspiring me this last month! For instance, I found this DIY colorblock tee that I would love to try. For color inspiration, Lorena's simple colorblock outfit was such an unusual but beautiful color combo. And I was amazed by Audrey's Building a Remixable Wardrobe series (and by her in general. Favorite new blogger discovery)!

I track what I wear during the month so I can easily see what I use the most and what doesn't get a lot of wear. To easily see the outfits I wore this month, here are the roundups: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.

My favorite outfits this month:

My least favorite:

Items I wore this month and frequency (total of X outfits):
belt, brown skinny, 1X
blazer black 2X
blazer khaki safari 1X
blouse blue watercolor 1X
blouse coral lace sleeve 1X
bracelet rhinestone 1X
bracelet encrusted 2X
bracelet gold green&blue 1X
bracelet antique gold 2X
bracelet pewter&lg stones 4X
cami white lace trim 3X
cami blue lace trim 1X
cami teal lace v-neck 1X
cardigan coral 2X
cardigan polka-dot 3X
cardigan black rhinestone button 2X
cardigan navy 2X
cardigan med blue 3X
dress blue cowl neck 2X
jacket black leather 2X
jeans white trim slim bootcut 5X
jeans dark flared btown trim 2X
jeans destroyed flares 1X
jeans plain flared 1X
necklace 3 tier sparkly 1X
necklace black drops 1X
necklace blue&green 1X
necklace silver chain 1X
necklace green beaded 2X
necklace gold floral 4X
necklace gold (real) 3X
necklace pink teardrops 1X
necklace pink & pewter 1X
necklace silver balls 1X
necklace silver heart pendant 1X
necklace white bib 2X
pants grey pinstripe slim 1X
pants grey solid 1X
pants tan 1X
pants short denim trousers 4X
shoes black pumps 5X
shoes black flats 2X
shoes brown flats 5X
shoes brown winter boots 1X
shoes brown riding boots 1X
shoes grey winter boots 2X
shoes seafoam&black wedges 2X
shoes tan sneakers 2X
skirt black pencil 1X
skirt rose print 1X
sweater black cowlneck 1X
tank black (layering) 3X
tank brown (layering) 5X
tank aqua ruffled 1X
tee teal/black floral 1X
top aqua pleated v-neck 3X
top black flowy butterfly sleeve 1X
top blue&white print 1X
top brown striped sweater 2X
top coral print cowlneck 1X
top green striped sweater 1X
top teal cowl-neck 1X
top navy stripe pleated v-neck 2X
top navy ruffled 'claudine' 1X
top white ruffled 1X

And lastly, I have decided to still be honest about what comes in and what goes out of my closet each month.

Stuff In/ Stuff Out:


(Everything is from JCPenny, which is amazingly well priced right now)

A really beautiful scarf-print dress .
A pretty navy v-neck cardigan & a coral one (at $12 each, I couldn't pass them up).

A black bracelet, pewter & large stone bracelet, rhinestone bracelet, and a gold, green, & blue bracelet, an antique gold braclet (5 total)

And 3 pairs of replacement winter boots for next year (I have these in brown from 2 years ago). I got 2 pairs for $15 each- I'm crazy (but couldn't pass on good boots at that price!)


Pair of Old Navy Jeans that were too big (gave to a friend)

Pair of brown winter boots (replaced, see above)

Tan leather jacket (didn't fit well)- gave to a friend

4 bunches/sets of bangles- gave to friends (hated how they always made noise, my new bracelts will get worn much more frequently).

2 ill-fitting boxy cardigans- a purple one and a black one (donated)

 Whew! Sorry for the long post!


  1. All the costumes are so amazing like it so much.

    1. thanks for the kind comment, but I am confused by what you mean

  2. I have been trying to "find you" and I finally have !
    Welcome back :)

    1. thank you lady! that may have been caused by me hiding my profile and forgetting to unhide it ;) It's been nice being back- almost comforting