Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goodbye Cardigan

Dress- Loft Outlet
Belt- came with a top
Shoes- Seychelles via
Necklace- Maurices
Bracelet- JCPenny
Earrings- too old to remember (05'?)

Today did not feel like spring. It was 80+ degrees outside! So perhaps this dress is not super office-friendly, however I went to college where I walk a ton then drive in a car without a/c for an hour and a half and arrive at work in the afternoon on Wednesdays (hence the messy hair pulled back). The dress has such a pretty back detail- but hard to photograph with a cell phone. I had a sweater to cover up to make it more office-appropriate. I had buttoned it right where the belt is (it was quite flattering). Unfortunately my trusty pretty sweater met its end today and I was unable to wear it past early afternoon, and therefore did not get a picture:

So sad. I wear this cardigan a lot, despite that I have no recent photographic evidence. I'm very sorry to see it go!!! Here is a little ode to my sweater, bought in January of 2010. It was too small anyways. Photos courtesy my old blog:

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