Saturday, April 21, 2012

sorry for the absence!

Sorry for the long absence, it's been a tough few weeks. I'm getting down to finals in college, and early pregnancy is not a lot of fun. Here are some snapshots of outfits from yesterday and a few days ago!

 New stretchy dress from Kohls- love this thing, and should work for quite a while maternity-wise. I was having a real good day, and my stomach wasn't bulging! The fit of this dress helped hide it though.
 New maternity pants from Kohls. I have gained ~12 lbs and have a tummy pooch that depending on the day is small to huge. I don't fit in most of my old pants (or 1/2 my tops for that matter)- I have about 3 pairs left that I can use with a rubber band! Yes, very early weight gain- but if I don't eat fairly constantly I get super nautious, so it's been a struggle.
Same pants as above, F21 blazer was too big when I got it and I planned on returning it but now it's made it into the 'keep' catagory now that I have outgrown so many of my closer-fitting items. I wore this for a presentation. The boots I have on are my brown riding boots, nothing else is new.


  1. Love the coral dress, such a great color. Don't worry about the weight gain - I started at 146 lbs with my first, got up to 190 lbs at the height of the pregnancy, and was back down to 132 lbs exactly six months later. And I am like the laziest person ever. Same with the second - started at 144 lbs, got up to 190 lbs again, and back down to 140 within three months of giving birth. You'll be fine. I was SO SICK of maternity clothes though by the end that I could have puked. When is your due date? I bet you're around the same timeframe as I was with my first - got pregnant on Feb 7 and he was due Halloween (he came on Nov 3, three days late!).

  2. That Kohls dress is beautiful :) it fits your marvelously...