Monday, October 22, 2012

Maternity 35wk OOTD

Top- Express Camisole 2011 (not maternity)
Cardigan- Maurices 2012 (not maternity)
Stretchy Belt- from an old pair of pants (not maternity)
Pants- Maternity Pants 2012 (OhBaby! I think)
Flats- JCPenny
Bracelet- Kohls
Necklaces- Heart was gift for 12th birthday, longer necklace from Aeropostale 5+ years ago.

As promised, an OOTD- many months late! Sorry!

So, this outfit was an accident but I ended up really liking it. I bought this cardigan on Friday to wear post-pregnancy, and I was so excited about it I was determined to wear it now. I ended up adding a stretchy belt from an old pair of pants to make it stay in place- believe it or not this is the first time I have 'belted the bump'. I think it looks pretty decent (especially considering some of the maternity wear out there). Nothing is maternity on top. I also like the necklace combo, which is something I never would have thought of before- both necklaces are very old, but they feel new together like this. I wore almost the same thing to work the next day, just switched the denim pants for trousers.

I've gained ~40 lbs so far and have another 5 weeks to go!

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