Wednesday, October 10, 2012


An update on the pregnancy- everything's been really good, I've had minimal issues and have a lot to be thankful for so far. I'm 33 weeks and am at that ungainly part of pregnancy where nothing fits or covers my belly well anymore, but I am unwilling to purchase anything at this point. I bought 3 pairs of slacks and 2 pairs of jeans early on (I started very early needing maternity pants), and maybe 8 tops at the most including layering tanks. Several of my regular tops did (and some still do) fit pretty well. I have made an effort to dress up and stay 'fashionable'. I have not donned sweatpants once ;).

Lately I've been cleaning out my closet and will be selling a lot of items on ebay and donating the rest. Things that didn't fit well pre-pregnancy, things I didn't even fit into (stuff from a few years ago that has been too small for me), items I've been holding onto for too long. I really plan on getting to my goal in terms of style and minimizing my closet to fewer but better items.

Up until now I have resisted buying things for post-baby with the exception of a super pretty dress (a friend bought and wore it, and I loved it so much I couldn't pass it up) and a little lace cardigan because I honestly don't know exactly what size I will be.

I'm currently excited about some things I ordered on Monday. NY&Co had too good of a sale to pass up- BOGO 50% AND $100 of $200 / $50 off $100 and free shipping over $100. I bought items totaling $443.55 (sans BOGO price discount) for $174.82 including shipping (that is a ~61% discount or savings of $268.73)! They have a 60 day return policy online, which is cutting it close because I am due 53 days from my order date (original due date is 36 days, which I think is more accurate). I ordered 7 cardigans (yes, I know! But I am going to choose which ones I like the best and return or gift the rest, and I weeded out at least that many to sell if not more), a pont-knit dress, and a sweater. I should be able to gauge the fit of most of that based on what I own already and hopefully will have a chance to try them after giving birth before the 60 days is up.

I think I'm just tired of the same old same old maternity clothes and am excited about fitting into normal clothes again. I'm also up for a promotion and have been serving as an interim supervisor lately, so I'd like to dress the part more when I get back from maternity leave. I'm a little worried about having difficulty losing the weight I have gained, which so far is around 35 lbs, but we'll have to see I think.

I'm excited to get back to blogging because having those outfit posts has been so educational for me to look through to see what works for me, what doesn't, and I love having them as a reference! I didn't intend to stop blogging, but life got busy and work has been crazy with me basically doing 3 jobs in one. Plus I am still working on getting my house in shape and will share pictures some day!

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