Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Closet Cleaning

After going through the items I bought from NY&Company, I decided to return the purple sparkle cardigan and the simple black one as well. I also tried it in a dark teal but wasn't convinced so I returned. I'm trying to branch my wardrobe versatility out, and thanks to Audrey at Putting Me Together I've found the site Go Chic or Go Home. Using this site I can see everything I own (well, adding pictures as I can lol) and I can clearly see what I am missing and what I have too much of.

In all honesty, I also have added additional items with all the amazing sales out there, and forgot to list a few items in the last post of things I got over the summer. Then I went crazy on ebay and bought (cheaply, but still) several cute tops. I'm too embarrassed to list it all out, which indicates I went way overboard.

I've been inspired by Janice at The Vivienne Files lately. While only having 33 peices of clothing for a season and only selecting 6-8 colors total for my wardrobe is a bit too limiting to me, I do want to believe in the 'less is more' and reduce my consumption when it comes to clothing. Very opposite of my behavior lately.

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