Thursday, January 31, 2013

Black & Raspberry

Top & Pants- Maurices Spring '13
Shoes- Fergalicious Fall '12
Belt- NY&Co Spring '13

I really enjoyed this outfit. The great part is the back of the cardigan (sry for the bad pic again):

January Budget Recap


This Month

This is the first month on the budget (see this post for the budget rules).

I had $125 maximum to spend this month, but my goal was to spend $62.50 or less. I spent a whopping $4.75 total after deducting what I sold and returned from previous purchases. I never would have made it under budget if it weren't for selling a lot of items this month, returns from previous purchases, my anniversary gift, and the things that actually end up in next month's budget. Next month will be MUCH more realistic / sober :) .

See the details below!

Year Total

Spent $4.75 out of $1500 (Goal of $750 or less)
Bought 5 cardigans, 1 skirt, 3 belts, 3 tops, 3 pairs of pants, 1 dress, and 4 pieces of jewelry. Got rid of 5 skirts, 6 pairs of pants, 5 cardigans, 2 blazers, and 8 tops.

What Came In

Purchases- $4.75

I spent $256.50 (see below) minus $86 in returns, and $165.75 in selling off clothes, for a total of $4.75.

I ordered the pictured items from NY&Company with a $70 off $150 coupon (spent $98.78 total with taxes and shipping).

I picked up these White House Black Market tops from Ebay for $33 and $23.38 total including shipping.

I also returned to work this month (see 1st outfit post back here!). Since I still don't fit into any of my pants from before I had the baby, I had to buy some trousers for work 2 sizes up. I went to Maurices and got 3 pairs of pants and a cute top- 15% off with my Maurices Card (have had it for many years) and a $10 off reward coupon = $113.36 total with taxes. I have until next month to pay the card without interest and have a payment scheduled for the 1st of next month, so this is actually in next month's budget. I included it here because you can see me wearing these items as soon as I got them!

White House Black Market Skirt- $20 off promotion, so $88-$20+$7shipping=$75, but this skirt is my 7th wedding anniversary 'gift' (gift $ I spent). This skirt is literally my dream skirt- I've been wanting one like this forever. I didn't want to risk my size selling out before it went on sale!

Very recently, another NY&Co sale sold me. NY&Company free shipping +$45 off a $100 coupon + everything on sale +tax=$101.34.

Gifts- $50 (unspent) + $75 (spent)

My mom & dad visited on the 5th and gave my husband and I our Christmas present- a $100 prepaid credit card. $50 of that belongs to me. I have not spent it yet.

It was my 7th wedding anniversary the 22nd of this month, and I purchased the skirt detailed above with it. I had $100 maximum but no rights to leftover $.

What Left

Sold- $165.75

 I sold  (and got paid for) 5 skirts, 6 pairs of pants, 5 cardigans, 2 blazers, and 8 tops this month:

-5 Skirts $22.84, $12.24, $4.24, $15.24, $5.24
-Jeans $13.75, Lot of 5 pairs of pants $10.24
-Lot of 3 tees and 1 cami, $3.24
-Tops, $6.24, $4.50, $3.75, $3.24
-Cardigans $4.49, 18.25,
-Lot of 3 cardigans, $22.25
-Blazers, $5.24, $10.76
-Total of $165.75

Returns- $86.00

I returned a skirt from last month this month (too small), $70.40
I also returned a white button up from Old Navy (ill fitting) for $15.60 in store.





Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blue and Green

Dress- Express Winter '11
Cardigan & Necklace- NY&Co Spring '13
Shoes- JCPenny 2011/2012

Yet another for the recycled wardrobe project! Sorry, rushed again and photos taken quickly and past dark. Here's how I wore this dress before:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Leopard

Top- WHBM via Ebay
Cardigan- NY&Company Fall '12
Belt- from NY&Co sweater Fall '12
Pants- Maurices Spring '13
Necklace- NY&Co Spring '13
Shoes- Isola via 6pm

Yet another outfit I really liked but didn't photograph well. Oh well! These pants wrinkle after all day at the office- I can't wait to retire them and wear my other (much smaller) pants from before I got pregnant!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Last Minute

Top- Loft (old)
Cardigan- NY&Company Spring '13
Pants- Maurices Spring '13
Necklace- NY&Company Spring '13
Shoes- Fergalicious via 6pm

This morning I was running late and kind of just threw together the outfit. It didn't come out too badly, but I can't help but wish it was more creative. On another note, this top is another for the recycled wardrobe project (idea from simply sarah). Here are other ways I wore this top back in the day:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

1/21 - 1/25 Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Here's this week's roundup, Click on the images to see them larger. Thursday is missing, as I was sick and stayed home.

My favorite looks were Tuesday and Friday, though Tuesday did not photograph well.Monday's outfit looks awful because my pants stuck to my stockings- I need to buy some socks meant for flats. I had no time to get a good photograph Thursdays outfit, which is frustrating because I think I looked pretty good in it. It may have been too casual for my new position though.

What was your favorite outfit this week? What could I have done better?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dusky Blues

Top- Express '11
Cardigan- Maurices (Christmas '12 gift)
Jeans- Express Fall '12
Boots- Kenneth Cole Reaction via Endless
Necklace- 12th B-day gift

I was sick yesterday, so no OOTD. Today's look was very slimming and I felt great!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today's recycled closet item (idea from Simply Sarah) is this brown striped sweater, worn previously on the blog in the outfits below. Once again, sorry for the awful pictures as I have been running so low on time!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recycle Coral

Top- Kohls '11
Pants- Maurices Spring '13
Necklace- H&M (old)
Cardigan0 NY&Co Spring '13

These pants look awful because they stuck to my stockings! I'll have to buy some different ones lol.

I got a new idea from Simply Sarah- make a conscious effort to recycle my wardrobe and not to purchase new items. I know I have a shopping problem, even when on the budget. Sarah is picking an item she wore on her blog in the past to make a new outfit with it. She is then posting the previous outfit and the new one. I decided this would be a great idea for me to use to try to focus more on reusing what I have than thinking about what I want to buy!

I decided to restyle today this printed cowl-neck top that I wore last spring (I think this was the last time I wore it too):

Monday, January 21, 2013

Leopard & Lace

Top- WHBM via ebay
Jacket- Maurices Fall '12
Pants- Maurices Spring '13
Pumps- Franco Sarto via Marshalls Summer '12
Bracelet- Kohls Summer '12
Necklace- NY&Co Fall '12

I really enjoyed todays outfit. The jacket is lace in the back, and the ruffled top is a kind of leopard print. I just felt really put together and professional today :) I'm a little sad the pictures didn't come out- I ran out of time today and was unable to take a picture to give the outfit any justice.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Roundup 1/14-1/18

Weekly Roundup

Here's this week's roundup- my first week back to work, 7 weeks postpartum! Click on the images to see them larger.

My favorite looks were Monday and Friday (and oddly enough, same top!). I really felt put together and professional Monday, and Friday I felt like I really looked great. Tuesday's outfit photographed really poorly. I think I could have improved on Thursday's outfit by adding a fun printed scarf, and those grey pants from Tuesday/Thursday really could be a better cut for my body- I can't wait until I fit into my trousers again, they have a much more flattering cut than these featured here (2 sizes up from my normal pants).

What was your favorite outfit this week? What could I have done better?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ice Cool

Top- WHBM via ebay
Sweater- NY&Co Spring '13
Bracelet- NY&Co Summer '12
Necklace- WHBM Fall '12
Jeans- Express Fall '12
Boots- Kenneth Cole Reaction via endless Spring '11

I'm really happy with this outfit today. The top has a sparkly metallic threading throughout the chiffon fabric, which is great against the cool green cardigan. I also love these jeans in boots. Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Sweater- NY&Company Fall '12
Pants- Maurices Spring '13
Shoes- Isola via 6pm
Necklace- Gift

Sometimes simple is best!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dressed Sweater

Sweater- Maurices (Christmas '12 gift)
Cami- Maurices Fall '12
Belt- NY&Co Spring '13
Pants- Maurices Spring '13
Necklace- Rue21 Summer '12
Bracelet- NY&Co Summer '12

Hastily taken shots of my outfit today. I like that it's a mix of a very casual sweater that is dressed up with a belt & necklace to make it work appropriate.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Top & Pants- Maurices Spring '13
Jacket- Maurices Fall '12
Bracelet- Kohls
Shoes- Fergalicious via 6pm

I don't usually wear outfits without some pop of color, but I liked the look of black/grey/white today. I wanted to be a bit dressy because today I have some meetings to go to, AND I am getting my annual performance review. Hope you have a great day!