Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Budget Recap


This Month

This is the first month on the budget (see this post for the budget rules).

I had $125 maximum to spend this month, but my goal was to spend $62.50 or less. I spent a whopping $4.75 total after deducting what I sold and returned from previous purchases. I never would have made it under budget if it weren't for selling a lot of items this month, returns from previous purchases, my anniversary gift, and the things that actually end up in next month's budget. Next month will be MUCH more realistic / sober :) .

See the details below!

Year Total

Spent $4.75 out of $1500 (Goal of $750 or less)
Bought 5 cardigans, 1 skirt, 3 belts, 3 tops, 3 pairs of pants, 1 dress, and 4 pieces of jewelry. Got rid of 5 skirts, 6 pairs of pants, 5 cardigans, 2 blazers, and 8 tops.

What Came In

Purchases- $4.75

I spent $256.50 (see below) minus $86 in returns, and $165.75 in selling off clothes, for a total of $4.75.

I ordered the pictured items from NY&Company with a $70 off $150 coupon (spent $98.78 total with taxes and shipping).

I picked up these White House Black Market tops from Ebay for $33 and $23.38 total including shipping.

I also returned to work this month (see 1st outfit post back here!). Since I still don't fit into any of my pants from before I had the baby, I had to buy some trousers for work 2 sizes up. I went to Maurices and got 3 pairs of pants and a cute top- 15% off with my Maurices Card (have had it for many years) and a $10 off reward coupon = $113.36 total with taxes. I have until next month to pay the card without interest and have a payment scheduled for the 1st of next month, so this is actually in next month's budget. I included it here because you can see me wearing these items as soon as I got them!

White House Black Market Skirt- $20 off promotion, so $88-$20+$7shipping=$75, but this skirt is my 7th wedding anniversary 'gift' (gift $ I spent). This skirt is literally my dream skirt- I've been wanting one like this forever. I didn't want to risk my size selling out before it went on sale!

Very recently, another NY&Co sale sold me. NY&Company free shipping +$45 off a $100 coupon + everything on sale +tax=$101.34.

Gifts- $50 (unspent) + $75 (spent)

My mom & dad visited on the 5th and gave my husband and I our Christmas present- a $100 prepaid credit card. $50 of that belongs to me. I have not spent it yet.

It was my 7th wedding anniversary the 22nd of this month, and I purchased the skirt detailed above with it. I had $100 maximum but no rights to leftover $.

What Left

Sold- $165.75

 I sold  (and got paid for) 5 skirts, 6 pairs of pants, 5 cardigans, 2 blazers, and 8 tops this month:

-5 Skirts $22.84, $12.24, $4.24, $15.24, $5.24
-Jeans $13.75, Lot of 5 pairs of pants $10.24
-Lot of 3 tees and 1 cami, $3.24
-Tops, $6.24, $4.50, $3.75, $3.24
-Cardigans $4.49, 18.25,
-Lot of 3 cardigans, $22.25
-Blazers, $5.24, $10.76
-Total of $165.75

Returns- $86.00

I returned a skirt from last month this month (too small), $70.40
I also returned a white button up from Old Navy (ill fitting) for $15.60 in store.





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