Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Wore Yesterday

Top- WHBM via ebay
Cardigan- NY&Company
Skirt- WHBM
Shoes- JCPenny
Necklace- Loft Outlet

I wore this outfit yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. The skirt IS slightly short but I love the leg line I get it in. I feel that it is work appropriate because it is A) not very tight fitting and B) I covered up elsewhere to balance seeing more leg.


  1. That is my favorite shade of blue. Regarding a too-short skirt - I wear any I have that are questionable lengths with tights only! I think that makes them way more acceptable so you are a-okay.

    1. Taylor! I thought you went away and never came back! I'm so happy to see you :) I love blue, as you probably know lol. I think the skirt would be OK without tights too if I stayed in flats and more modest up top too, but I have to admit if it were not a full skirt I would never get away with it otherwise!