Saturday, April 13, 2013

1st wk Wear My Closet Challenge

Monday's Outfit


 After wearing each of these 5 outfits, I rated everything I had on to evaluate what really is a 'keep' and what I should get rid of. I am keeping everything in every outfit but Thursday's outfit. The pants are to sell for sure, they are too large for me now and are unflattering. The cardigan and the tank are both 'OK' but nothing really special, but I am trying them again before deciding for sure.

I critiqued my outfits each day as well.

Monday I had no other shoes to wear with this top (couldn't do open-toed yet), and I was very unhappy with the dark shoes against the tan pants.

Tuesday could also have used a more fun shoe and some bracelets to punch it up.

Wednesday was a very happy outfit day. Blue is my favorite color and it makes me very happy!

Thursday was a 'average office worker' kind of day, and I didn't feel great in my outfit- better pair of pants would have helped. I really could use  a nice nude camisole with no lace/seams for layering purposes- I used a lace cami under Tuesday's top, and Friday I could have used a cami underneath for smoothing as well. I also need to buy more socks for flats, as I can't find any anymore (my washer eats them- literally, they get under the spinny thing and don't come back)!

Friday I felt great in my outfit, and I feel the picture just doesn't reflect the feel of it. I felt truest to myself and my style Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday but if I were to pick only one it would be Wednesday.

I decided I need to have the 1st tan pants above hemmed for flats and the grey leggings also need to be hemmed. I have 2 other pairs of pants and a few other things to get tailored, so I'm heading to a tailor today to get some of it done.

I'm going to do a running total to see my progress each week. I have 4 tops, 1 cami (worn under the coral top), 3 pairs of shoes, 4 pairs of pants, and 1 blazer I am keeping for sure. I have 1 top and 1 cardigan I am re-trying again, and 1 pair of pants I am letting go of. I am also trying to wear different jewelry pieces and figure out what items I can let go. I wore 2 bracelets, 5 necklaces, and 4 pairs of earrings.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Double the Outfit

Yesterday's Outfit
Top- Loft Outlet
Cardigan- JCPenny
Pants- Maurices
Shoes- Isola via
Necklace- Urban Outfitters

Top- White House Black Market
Jeans- Express
Shoes- Fergalicious via
Necklace- Maurices
Bracelet- Kohls

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

White & Blue

Top- WHBM via ebay
Blazer- F21
Pants- Express
Necklace- Loft outet
Bracelet- JCPenny?

I was fairly pleased with today's outfit. I wore these pants once before, and while I took pictures of that outfit I wasn't pleased with how they came out and have not posted them because of it. I really enjoyed that outfit and the pictures just didn't do it justice. Back to this one- I think these pants are going to form part of a signature style for me. I really and truly love this bright cobalt color. I have a few things in this same color.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring pink

Top & Pants- Express Fall '12
Necklace- NY&Co

I forgot to take a picture of yesterday's outfit, but here is today's. It is pretty simple and I find that I really should have added a couple bracelets to make the outfit a little more interesting. I was excited to wear these pants (hounds-tooth pattern?) because this is the first time I can fit into them! I bought them when I was pregnant during the Thanksgiving sales, in the same size my larger pre-pregnancy pants were. I'm super happy with them but I doubt I will get to wear them again until this fall, they are very warm and heavyweight!

Inspiration and Changes

I've been majorly inspired by Debbie, from Recovering Shopaholic, and Janice from The Vivienne Files lately. They've both been doing project 333, and Debbie's insightful struggle with a shopping addiction has really inspired me to do something about my own issues.

I have a lot to say about this because I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few weeks. While I financially am doing well, am not putting myself in debt, and am saving, I am not saving as much as I wish I was. I love shopping and fashion, and consider it my hobby- but I spend too much on clothing sometimes. The most important factor is that I have been shopping haphazardly and have not been spending WISELY. This has resulted in a large collection of clothing (huge to some, but small in comparison to others) that is too large for ME and is not utilized well in a cost-per-wear scenario. I want to really reduce and have a small closet with a few fabulous items rather than an abundant closet filled with mostly mediocre items. When I think of the money I have spent, it makes me sad- and I pride myself on my bargain shopping!

Some numbers: Totals are including items from before doing my multiple sorts over the last 4 months (still in process) and counts all recent purchases. These are close to accurate but are not exact as I am still sorting!

Approx. 85 tops. I have sold 18, given away 2, donated 3, am selling 27, and have 35 in my ‘keep’ pile. But to be honest, I recently ordered 5 more tops to ‘try’ that are on their way to my home!

Approx 18 skirts. I have 9 in my ‘keep’ pile, 2 for sale, and have sold 7.

Approx 35 pairs of pants- I have sold 6, have 3 for sale (and maybe 9 more to list), and 17 in my keep pile!

Approx 27 cardigans. I have sold 6, have 3 for sale, have donated 3, and have ~15 in my keep pile.

Approx 13 dresses- 11 in my ‘keep’ pile, 2 to list

Approx 17 jackets/coats/blazers- 4 to list, sold 2, donated 2, 9 in my ‘keep’ pile.

Approx 21 pairs of shoes- 17 in my ‘keep’, trashed 3, 1 to donate. But honestly have 2 pairs I ordered on the way to ‘try’!

Uncounted number (as of yet) of jewelry items and accessories (not many scarves/belts, but do have a large jewelry collection)- have 12 for sale.

These numbers are embarrassing to me, especially considering that a large percentage of these items never saw the light of day, or were worn 1x or 2x at the most. Some of these are items that have sat in my wardrobe for years, and some are new things that have accumulated. I bought these items on ebay, thrifted them, and many I bought new (mostly on sale). But really- so many dollars spent down the drain. I also never knew I HAD SO MUCH before counting- I would have honestly estimated everything at about ½ the real total. I always was proud that I wear clothing I got for a good price, and had a realistic wardrobe for the average woman. Over the last 4 years though, my wardrobe has been expanding without limit and I have finally reached a breaking point. I feel like I should not be shopping right now, especially when I am trying to downsize my wardrobe, curb my spending, and make my life simpler. At the same time, as I am going through everything I have, I realize what I am missing as far as what would help me wear other things more often (like a neutral pair of pumps, a printed b&w cardigan). I have also realized that I am sorely lacking in things that really make me feel great. This is partly what fuels my shopping right now, (though admittedly in a much better way than before- at least I have a little more focus) and is pretty opposite of what I am trying to accomplish.

I also am having a hard time letting go of some items I have not worn in quite a while or have never worn. It's a struggle because even if it's something I feel frumpy in/it doesn't fit well, I hold on to it. I feel guilty for wasting money, I feel like it's my fault and not the clothes, I feel like I might find a way to style it better, or even if I lose weight I will look better in it, etc. I also have a large amount of items in which I 'look alight' in, but are nothing special. They're in good condition and look decent, and to be honest I have so few pieces that look really great that I would be left with a mostly empty wardrobe were I to get rid of them. The funny thing is that I still don't wear them, so I rotate through my favorites as if I didn't have all those hangers of clothing to wear!

So, to help me let go and downsize, I’ve challenged myself to wear everything in my ‘keep pile’ over the next 3 months. I figure, if I wear something and THINK about it, I will know by the end of the day if it is worth keeping or re-selling. I started my challenge yesterday, and I will post every week what I wore, rate it, and decide what I am doing with it!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Top, pants, cardigan, necklace- Maurices
Shoes- Isola brand
Belt- came with a NY&Co top

Sorry for not being around lately! I have a few outfit posts from the past coming, but for today I am just posting today's OOTD! My pants are getting pretty loose- pretty soon I hope to fit back into my small pants!