Thursday, January 30, 2014

Appending Goals

In addition to my budget, I've added some new goals for this year. Posting about them kind of makes it official, and makes me more accountable!

45: Purchase 45 items of clothing and accessories or less. This includes everything except undergarments and pajama/workout clothing, which are items I never purchase unless I really need them. I'm unsure about adding in gifts or other things to the total, but I may!

10: Wear everything a minimum of 10x this year, excepting formal wear (i think there's 5 or 6 items total in that category including shoes). Those that I don't will be strongly considered for purging.

I'll be detailing these things in my monthly reviews- perhaps all in one budget post or separately a budget and a wardrobe use post.

Account for other purchases: Just for my own awareness, I want to account for the ins and outs of the things I purchase (not grocery or staple toiletries, and not purchase amounts) that don't fall in the wardrobe budget, called Clutter Count. I want to remind myself that my pursuit is minimalism, and that I am absolutely not deprived. It's so easy to think 'but I haven't bought ANYTHING this month' when it really isn't true. Getting an idea of what I'm bringing home will be a neat thing to see, especially at the end of the year!

One last thing, I'm starting the 30-day challenge tomorrow. I'm planning on blogging about the experience and the outfits!

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