Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 Budget

Originally $109.09 (total $1800,$600.01 for November and the rest divided monthly)
Changed to $0 out of pocket for this month and $0 total next month.
No more than 45 items total for the year.

Spent: $0 out of pocket but $46.71 on an gift card and $112 out of return/eBay earnings.
Totals: $0 out of pocket, $46.71 on gift cards, $112 on returns and eBay earnings.
$1800 left for the year out of pocket.
3 new items entered my closet this year so far. I can buy up to 42 more items this year.

What came in:

  • Fergalicious Sammi Pump $46.71 (free shipping!). Used gift card so $0 out of pocket.
  • Little blue bubble necklace, gift from a friend.
  • Reiss Angel Dress, $97 ($112 with shipping). Had $57.01 from returned jacket (see this post) and $56.41 in eBay earnings (have not paid fees yet). $0 out of pocket.
I bought the pumps to replace my everyday black pumps. They were so worn and the heel was so torn up I had to trash them even before I even had replacements. This was a true need because I wear simple black heels so often. I got lucky with these- ordered my regular size in pumps (7) and they fit perfect. They turned out a bit more pointy than I expected but they're still classic and beautiful. I've worn them several times already since I purchased them.

The necklace was a gift from a coworker. While I never would have bought it, I like it. It is not the huge bubble necklace we've seen on every blogger under the sun. It's smaller scale and I hope I will use it.

The dress was something I've been pining for all month. I did many 'power pauses' and stopped myself from buying it over and over until I was SURE I was going to use it well and wasn't just enamored with the idea of it. The price dropped even further as I waffled in agony over this! I wore it the morning after I received it (yesterday, 1/30!) and I love it. My 'regular' size fit perfectly- to the point that it almost looks custom fitted. The style is a '10' on a scale of 1-10 and is exactly what I have always aspired to in my style- classic, elegant, a little sexy and fitted, structured, and I feel POWERFUL in this type of garment. The only issue is that after a few hours of sitting at my desk at work, the fabric did wrinkle in the hips, but it was not very noticeable at least. I'm hyper sensitive to detail and while it stinks, the dress is still lovely and I will get a lot of wear out of it. The price I got it at is astounding- $97 out of an original $360 is pretty spectacular in that I had the opportunity to buy something like this.

The great thing is that the items I selected myself do follow the Strategic Shopping list I made, and they meet all of my criteria!

What I got rid of:

I put a lot of things in the sell pile- a few dozen items at least! But, I actually sold the following:

3 necklaces, 3 cardigans, 2 blazers, 4 tops/sweaters/camis, 1 skirt (13 items)

I also trashed a couple old worn PJs and a pair of too-worn black pumps.


  1. That dress is gorgeous! And it would go well with the necklace you got this month too! Do you sell your items on eBay?

    1. Thanks :)! The dress is most certainly my favorite thing this month. The necklace is really pretty but I'm not sure if it's my 'style' yet, I'll have to try it out and see first I think. And yes, I do sell my stuff on eBay- one, I feel good knowing someone else will use it, and two it never hurts to recoup even a tiny fraction of the $ I wasted. I'm actually gearing up to list a ton more things on eBay.
      Thank you for your comment! I'm planning on stopping by and checking out your blog when I have a moment :)

  2. Oh man, that dress is beyond pretty! It looks like it would fit so well and be so sleek - I am not surprised you have been wishing for it for so long! I'm so glad you were able to get it for such a good deal!

    1. Yes, I think this was the best deal I have ever gotten. There's still a lot of size selection left last I looked! And it comes in red for a slightly higher price of $108. :-)
      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I love that new blue dress of course!

    1. Thanks Megan! I think I'll have to try this more often in stalking things I really love but are too much $$$ and see if the price ever gets reasonable enough to afford it ;)

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