Thursday, January 9, 2014

Signs of Progress

I wanted to write a bit about the black faux-leather jacket I ordered from Express on November 27th.

I ordered it in size M, same size ( ETA: not same style) as the burgundy jacket that I kept and love to death. It was too large, and even though I had overshopped, instead of returning it I only exchanged it for a size S. 

It came in today, and I was so excited! I tried it on and it fit well and looked pretty good. It was definitely 'badass' and the tough edge I like to combine with my girly tops. The faux-leather was the best I've felt ('buttery' soft) and to top it off it's $64, originally $128.

At this point I would normally have torn the tags off, buried it deep in my closet, and thrown away the packaging deep in the garbage before my husband got home and noticed it.

I looked at it for a while. Thought for some time. I asked myself, is this your perfect black leather jacket? Do you love it or is it just 'good enough'. Is the shape flattering? Will I be able to wear it often and in different situations?

Answer is no to all of it. There's no waist definition, which is the part of my body I care to highlight the most. The zip is asymmetrical and I didn't like how it looked unzipped which means it wasn't too versatile. It doesn't look good with dresses or skirts because it is belted at the hip (drop waist?). It was too rough-and-tumble to wear to work and look right with my work style. So I'm returning it. Yes I would have a few occasions to wear and enjoy it but my standards are too high at this point to go for a jacket I'll only wear a few times a year.

I showed my husband the jacket when he got home and explained why I was returning it even though he and I both liked it. And promptly wrote this post via moble lol!

I feel like I'm making huge leaps and bounds in my progress lately, and that happy feeling is much better than any other feeling!


  1. Good for you! I'm getting pickier since I stopped spending and started Project 333. Even with the clothes that I chose, if I wear it and don't love it, then it's getting tossed in the donate pile.

    1. I've certainly gotten pickier about fit and feel over the last few years for sure. There was a point in my life (recent past!) where I thought fit was that you could button/zip it and it wouldn't fall down or the opposite of not zipping. I wince thinking of all the ill fitting garb I've purchased and worn!

  2. I love your thought process. I too have bought items that were just 'good enough' for now, placeholders for the amazing pieces I wanted to someday have. That's how closet overload starts! Now, every item has to be a 10, take it or leave it!

    1. This is definetly the way to go for sure! I'm trying to remind myself this because it's so easy to accept an '8' or '7' and then your entire wardrobe is a 7 instead of a '10'!