Friday, January 3, 2014

Strategic Shopping

I want to share the new strategy I will use while shopping along with my budget to keep me on track. I plan on using these 5 main criteria to choose new clothing items:

Before purchasing/keeping an item I need to ensure proper fit. Does it fit me currently as is? Only small needed alterations will be acceptable-hemming and shoulder straps alterations. No more buying things a little too small or are ‘almost’ but not quite right.

When choosing an item I need to ensure not only that the color flatters but that it will work in my current wardrobe. I want to stick to my current color pallet and perhaps even pare down my colors. Currently I have Black, White, Grey, Navy, Tan, and Chocolate Brown as neutrals. Non-neutral colors are Kelley Green, Teal, Cobalt, Red-orange, Red, Burgundy/Wine, Royal Purple, Raspberry, and Coral.

I need to ensure the style of the item works with items I currently have and I don’t need to buy more to get use out of it. Additionally, it generally should not be too similar to anything I already have in that I don’t want a closet full of duplicates. It also must flatter my body. Lastly, I need to make sure that it fits my lifestyle (90% Dressy vs. 10% Casual, very minimal ‘occasion/date/cocktail’ wear). This is very important to point out because I have an unbalanced wardrobe compared to my lifestyle.

Use Value
When choosing an item I need to make sure I will really USE it. If I can’t or don’t want to wear something within the next 30 days, then I should not purchase it. There can be exceptions but they have to make sense (such as buying a winter coat when they're on sale to wear next winter).

I need to consider price LAST. If it meets all the above criteria, then I need to make sure I will get sufficient wear (or enjoyment) out of the item to justify what I spend. Good deals are not good deals if it doesn’t fit the other categories.

In addition, I am planning on shopping using a list. I want to shop exclusively from my list, which looks a little like this:

Things that need replacing
*Black ~3” closed toe heels
*Black or metallic versatile flats
*Winter Coat
*3 Lightweight/summer tops

Wardrobe ‘Holes’
*Short blazer for dresses
*A couple versatile jackets/blazers
*A non-black neutral pair of closed toe pumps
*Versatile white blouse
*A few work-appropriate tops- printed moreso than solids
*Black pencil skirt
*A couple work appropriate dresses and skirts
*Fitted black cardigan
*Versatile printed cardigan (in my colors)
*Nice belt for pants

Wish List
*White tiered WHBM top (I have the black one and it is FABULOUS)
*Cognac, grey, or chocolate brown heeled boots
*Ankle Boots
*Non-black neutral cardigan
*Replace some of the tops that are not my favorites

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