Friday, January 17, 2014


It seems the higher level of stress I experience, the more intense the shopping bug bites. I'm having a real hard time fighting it! At work I'm overwhelmed and it's amazing how fast my mindset shifted. I was feeling great and on the right path to my new-found direction in 'minimalism', and then suddenly I'm impulse shopping (and very nearly clicked the order button several times). I'm trying to figure out why and how, and I've really amazed myself with all the internal excuses, struggles, and just how SNEAKY I really am. I'm trying to justify shopping in so many ways, it's pitiful. Here are some of the things I have been telling myself:

'I'm working so hard, and so much overtime, I DESERVE to spend some of it on myself.'
'I can really use X and X and X, they would be so versatile' etc.

When faced with the limit I put on myself in terms of money (no spending this month) I'm getting creative again. I have a $100 gift card and ~$40 in ebay earnings so far, and when that proved not enough to satisfy purchasing everything on my list I decided I could add in the $64 return and still 'spend no money' out of pocket. When even that didn't add up to enough, then I started contemplating being sneaky and hiding the purchases. I don't like the idea of bringing home a boatload of things right now and showing them to my husband who is aware of the no spend month, and I wanted to circumvent it by hiding once again even if I stick to the amounts available. I'm ashamed of myself! 

The idea of missing out on the sale (everything I want is on sale right now) and the fact that I could miss out completely because they are selling out fast is almost painful. Obviously I am a spoiled child who is used to getting her way, because not bringing home everything I want is not something my brain wants to accept. After trying to budget it many different ways with the funds I have, I know it just won't work.

Here are SOME of the things I want and why:

White Blouse- I have this in black and it gets a TON of wear. I have been looking for a nice white top and this really fits the bill. I am determined to get this top sometime. Its $68, and I have a $20 off $80 coupon and 5% off. If I purchased this with a pretty pair of inexpensive earrings I total $60.89 for the two.

Black Cardigan- This is a great basic and WHBM makes really nice, high quality cardigans. I believe I would wear it a lot. I have a black cardigan that is sparkly and I don't like wearing it as often as I do because it doesn't 'go' the way a simpler one would (and is scratchy). It also is on amazing markdown at $27.99 ($88 orig) after coupon.

Blue Reiss dress- This is a stunning versatile dress. I don't have many dresses that I can wear to work and this dress is just my thing. It's also on amazing sale at $144 (orig $360) plus $15 for shipping.

Black Skirt- Just a simple black skirt, which is exactly what I have been 'needing'. I have a wool pencil skirt (needs alterations, but may just get rid of), a teal pencil skirt, and two printed a-line skirts. I don't have anything simple and versatile and this would be great. Again, on super sale and should be high quality. $34.99 with coupon.

If I don't get any of these items this month, I'm on a shopping ban next month and will likely miss out. The feeling of possibly not getting what I want is the worst to battle with.

“Wanting less is a better blessing than having more.” 

I came across this quote last week and was enamored by it, but am finding out that it is much more difficult to practice the ideal rather than just admire it.

So far, I have only made one purchase earlier this month- a replacement pair of black pumps (had to trash the old ones) using my $50 gift card. This was a necessary purchase and already has been in constant rotation. But my brain doesn't want to 'count' those as shopping! I'm holding on, and have not made any decisions yet. Just looking to see if anyone else has felt this way and if anyone has any advice!


  1. I don't really have advice but I want to encourage you to be nice to yourself as you do this. You are attempting some big changes and it sounds like you are learning a lot about yourself.
    ..and also good deals will be found again, guaranteed. You don't have to snap these up. Over the years there is only one sale purchase I didn't buy that I remember and regret. Only one! best of luck in your self exploration. :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words! :) you're right about good deals, that's the worst part I think- there will always be things I like for sale! ;)

  2. I am struggling as well! I was doing good, but then the impulse bug bit and I just want to buy everything in sight. I also feel like I could be missing out on all of the great sales right now. Trying to breathe, and focus on all the great things I have rather than buy a huge bunch more is what I'm doing!

    1. I agree that's about how I feel. I do need to focus more on what I have rather than what I want!

    2. And thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I found your blog because if it and am looking forward to reading about your journey!