Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wardrobe Purging Part II

I talked about purging my wardrobe the other day and how liberating it has become. I mentioned how I had a lot of items on 'hold' for review that I wasn't sure about keeping. Well, I went back and did another purge and did a quick review of accessories as well. I identified 2 tops to put away with my maternity wear (actually worn during my pregnancy) and 4 more to sell. I selected a dozen and a half other accessories and 1 pair of shoes to sell as well. The worst part is I found a pair of shoes I ordered last year and forgot to return, so I'm listing them for sale as well.

I have identified several other items on 'probation' and haven't made up my mind just yet. I wanted to downsize my accessory collection (for instance, I have literally more than 8 blue necklaces) to make room for a new piece or two to add variety. I don't wear my pieces and I want them to be used, and I want them to all fit on my jewelry hangers without adding more (I have 28 hooks plus a bracelet and necklace stand). So right now post purge I have exactly 28 necklaces, 13 bracelets, and 22 pairs of earrings. I even edited my underthings and socks!

The same rule of use it or lose it goes for almost everything else- if I don't wear or love something it should go, which gives me room and the opportunity to replace a few things with things I DO love. But can any woman love more than dozens and dozens of accessories equally? That is the question my friends. We'll see how this goes.

I'm in the process of writing a couple-part post about the process I've been using to purge/edit. I feel FREE, liberated, amazing after finally letting go of all this emotional and literally physical baggage. I used to feel shame and overwhelmed when looking at my stuff, and shame when buying new items I could actually use and stuffing them in an already overly full (albeit small) closet. I feel great now not having all those things reminding me of wasted space, dollars, time, and failure. I feel happy when I open my closet even though I have fewer 'choices' (re: things I didn't use and beat myself up for not using them and choosing better things). The funny part is that I didn't realize the amount of stress it was causing until it was gone!

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