Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wardrobe size/How much is enough?

I've done a fair bit of purging, honestly every couple days I'm sorting through SOMETHING. My wardrobe has taken the brunt of my scruitiny however. I did get a few clothing gifts for christmas but all but a coat have been relegated to loungewear. I did however find a few surprises in my alterations bag that I forgot about. My total keeps on fluctuating, but I'm at approximately:

Current Totals

Tops: 22. Work: 13, Casual: 9
Sweaters: 6
Cardigans: 10
Camis/tanks: 8
Skirts: 4
Dresses: 10
Pants: 20. Work: 11, Casual: 9
Jackets: 4
Coats: 4
Necklaces: 29 (counting 1 set of pearls I forget about because they're put away).
Bracelets: 10
Earrings: 22
Shoes: 17 including snow boots. Not counting house slippers or ice skates..
Scarves: 3
Hats: 1
Bags: 1

I am still in the evaluation process and am likely to find more items to let go as I figure out what really is working for me and what is not.

But all this has made me ask myself, how much is enough? I don't want anything to go unused, but I also hate wearing my favorite things quickly to the point where they need replacement. If I want to wear things 12x a year (low number, not too low and not so high that I'd be replacing things constantly) then how would I work it out? Some items are seasonal, while others I wear all year long and a very few pieces are special occasion only and to be honest I'm lucky to get 1x a year out of those items. I prefer tops that are 'dressy' to casual and wear casual tops very infrequently, and I don't wear dresses or skirts casually.

Example: I wear casual pants 3x a week (IF I leave the house on the weekend). That means that I have 156 maximum opportunities to wear casual pants, and for 12 wears each I need 13 pairs (and since I have 9, I seem to be doing well in this area, but I know that I have many 'benchwarmers' in this category). If I am being honest with myself, I average 2x a week in casual pants, and am perfectly happy with repeating jeans and wearing them much more than 12x a year. That means I really only need 8 or less pairs (perhaps even as extreme as 5 pairs!). And in reality, I'm actually only using 3 pairs of jeans regularly and the rest very infrequently. See how complicated this is? End of the story is- I should cull from this section if possible, but should not add unless replacing.

So it seems that for me, certain types of items should have more or less wears per year. I'm thinking pants should be real workhorses while tops, skirts, and dresses less so. I'm still figuring out what my ideal would be and am trying to apply that towards what I actually have and what makes sense for me to do.

So here's the question for anyone reading: How do you know if you have 'enough' or what is enough to you? How does your wears per year look like, or have you not considered this? I'd love to hear from you, even if it's just to say you're just as confused as I am :-)


  1. I wish someone would post a magic working woman formula. If you work in a regular office-5day-9to5-er, you need this ratio of tops to bottoms, no more than this many statement pieces, etc. I've decluttered 12 big black Hefty garbage bags of clothes in the last few weeks and every few days I'm finding new backburners. Yesterday it was a fussy work-inappropriate dress, a worn out pair of loafers, and an extra pair of flipflops. Most of my backburners fall under the category of not representing the workaholic lifestyle I'm actually living. Now that I've got everything down to a manageable size, I think I'm going to take a page from you and Debbie and actually count everything and keep track of "# of wears". I may need a spreasheet for this!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! I agree, it would be awesome if there was some formula I could use and just KNOW what's enough! I have to say though, after doing my 1st month tracking my wear I've found some surprises- even if you only do it a short time you may discover some things about what you THINK you wear vs. what you actually wear like myself! I'll be posting about this soon :)

    2. My post purge count was 251. Way heavy on Tops (86...22 of which were Tanks) and Dresses (39). I think my new goal will be to get it down to 200.

    3. That's a great goal! I'm not sure what is right for me yet, but I hope I know it when I get there! Thanks for popping in :)