Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 11-13

Day 11 and 12 I was too busy to get pictures (which sucks, I loved my outfits) and yesterday was spent at home with a sick baby.

Day 11 inspiration: Something that scares you, just a little bit. I wore my blue zippered dress, even though the day started at -7 degrees F!

Day 12 inspiration: Shoes never worn with this ensemble before. I have such few shoe choices I couldn't switch it up and be weather appropriate, so I switched up the topper and jewelry I wore with a particular blouse and trouser. I haven't worn the jewelry or cardigan in almost a year or more! Very sad I didn't get a picture of it.

Top: JCPenny circa July 2013
Skirt: White House Black Market, November 2013
Cardigan: NY&Company, October 2012
Necklace & Earrings (not pictured) NY&Company, January 2013
Bracelet- NY&Company circa 2012
Shoes: Fergalicious, January 2014
Tights: JCPenny, January 2014 (hosiery is never part of the budget FYI, they're like toothpaste to me)

Day 13 inspiration: I swapped this with day 15. Color on the bottom half.

Today's outfit feels ME! I really liked it and much feel less intimidated by this very form fitting skirt. It's 1000x better with a blousy top. Last time I wore a fitted top and felt a little too 'exposed' for work, even though I was covered from wrist to ankle and more covered than today.

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