Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 17

Dress- NY&Company, January 2013
Necklace- NY&Company, January 2013
Cardigan- NY&Company October 2012
Tights- Express, November 2013
Pumps- Fergalicious, January 2014
Bracelet (not pictured)- NY&Company circa June 2013

Inspiration: Something inspired by your Style Icon/s. I don't have a style icon, strangely. So I chose my favorite dress and decided to explain why it is my 'style'. It's my favorite color (my main accent color), and the structure and fit of the dress is the best I've found. I love the zipper detail at the waist, how it highlights my figure, and how it's still classic and feminine but modern. The wrinkle at the waist and bust in the second picture is from not standing straight/bending lol.

I'm actually only two days (one day by tomorrow when this is published) from completing my challenge. I only used the inspiration for the days I went to work (I was home with a sick baby one day and didn't use inspiration on weekends). I"m just going to keep on with the inspiration when the challenge ends, until I reach all 30!

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