Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 4

Top- White House Black Market November 2013
Cami- Express circa 2011
Cardigan- White House Black Market October 2013
Pants- Express November 2013
Necklace- White House Black Market November 2012
Shoes- Kohls? January 2012

Inspiration- Something 'only for good'. That would be this fancy blingy necklace. I only have worn it 3x I think, only for special occasions.

I like this outfit. The necklace is a little over the top, but I purposely tried to both match the dressy vibe but also tone it down with a more casual topper (bright cardigan) and no other jewelry pieces to make it the focal point and fit in more with a normal Thursday at the office.

So here's a serious question. I'm on a shopping ban until March 2nd. Yesterday, I picked up my items from the tailor (2 tops and a dress to shorten straps, 1 blazer to shorten sleeves, 3 pairs of pants to repair the hems that fell out) and paid $80 for the alterations. Did I break my 30 day shopping ban? I spent money, out of pocket no less (until I sell more items on eBay, I don't have any more funds). BUT, I did not buy any new-to-me items. I made items I currently own usable- I was not wearing them because they needed the alterations. So, -1 for spending money when I set the budget at $0, but +1 for making currently own items usable. That makes it a neutral 0 ;-). The spirit of my ban was not broken- do not buy any new-to-me items. If the ban was just about the money, then yes I did break it. I'm inclined to say no and give myself a pass.

What do you think- did I break my shopping ban?


  1. Hi! Long time lurker, first time commenter.

    I don't think you broke the shopping ban. In fact, it sounds like you almost did the opposite, you made what you have more usable. $80 to fix 4 items isn't bad, as you probably would have spent more buying 2-3 new items. Although perhaps it's only worth it if you DO wear them.

    By the way, I love your outfits! :)

    ~ Sarah

    1. Well, it was 7 items for the $80, but that just makes it better lol. You're right about the $80- The dress I had altered ($160 retail, I paid ~$65 for it I think) I never wore because it didn't fit properly. Now I can wear it! I still have other things that need altering (2 jeans need hemming, 1 dress needs to be taken in on the sides, another dress needs a hem) but I'll save that for next month because of the cost. Getting those items back into rotation is certainly a good thing.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I've been working on my style for years, and while I see the progress I've made, I still have work to go and I've had my share of outfit fails! I'm very happy with the overall progress I've made though :)

  2. I agree with geekygirlsarah. When I've done shopping bans, I never included alterations as part of the ban. I do include alterations fees as part of my clothing budget, but I don't consider such fees to be shopping. While I've gone overboard on alterations in the past (as you've read on my blog), I am still a big advocate of having tailoring done. In your case, you've now basically added 7 new items to your wardrobe, as these pieces were previously out of rotation due to fit issues.

    I agree that you're doing great and I also love your outfits. I like the blue cardigan with the neutral top and pants and the lovely statement necklace. That reminds me that I need to wear my necklaces more!

    Keep up the great work! I'm glad you're happy with your progress and I hope it continues.

    1. Thank you very much for your encouragement Debbie! I'm definitely going to include alterations into the budget, something I used to conveniently 'forget' when I was budgeting before. I'm feeling better about not shopping now that I'm over a week into it, but it's a really hard habit to kick. I have to keep telling myself why I am doing this. It's so silly that buying myself things is such a problem for me! I let it go for way too long. I was able to convince myself that I didn't have a problem and that I was doing really great before in savings vs. debt, so I was able to ignore the issue until recently. I constantly 'rewarded' myself with purchases. I'm trying to reward myself now with things that are not MATERIAL items. :-)