Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Wardrobe Wear

I started tracking what I wear this month on January 6th, so this month is missing 5 days of data. I had two days of those I tracked where I did not leave the house at all and only wore lounge-wear.

Out of the other 22 days, I wore:

  • 15 tops. Only 4 were worn 2x, the rest 1x each.
  • 6 camisoles, one black one 6x, a teal one 2x.
  • 11 cardigans and jackets. My leopard cardigan was worn 3x, and 3 others were worn 2x.
  • 2 dresses and 1 skirt. The skirt was worn 2x.
  • 10 pants. My Rerock jeans were worn 4x, a pair of trousers 3x, and 3 others 3x.
  • 7 pairs of shoes. My winter boots were worn every day, but were part of the outfit 4x (weekend). 3 pair were worn 1x, one 3x, two 6x.
  • 2 scarves and a hat. The hat and one scarf were worn every day for winter, the other scarf 1x as part of an outfit.
  • 2 belts, each 1x.
  • 1 bracelet 1x.
  • 11 necklaces. My rhinestone, 3-strand black, and 3-strand mint necklaces were worn 3x, one other 2x.
  • 5 earrings. Only one was 1x, the highest wear was my heart earrings at 7x.
  • 2 coats. One was worn 21 times, the other 1x.
I let go of one cardigan that I wore 1x (too small) and a top I wore 1x (ill-fitting- too long, didn't fit my bust well, but I had kept it because it's the perfect shade of my favorite color). The hardest to let go was my black leather jacket (not worn)- beautiful, used to fit perfect, and I would re-buy again in a heartbeat. It's too small in the bust now and I'm 14 months post-baby at this point, so I am letting it go and will re-sell it via eBay. I also am contemplating downgrading a camisole that was worn 1x. It's splitting my wears (term from Bridgette Raes, style expert) because I already have a prettier lace camisole in better shape and a white tank top. It also is too sheer to wear on it's own with a cardigan.

Trying on things I haven't worn in a long time (because I purged so much and have so much more space, I am SEEING these items and wanting to wear them again) has taught me that I wasn't wearing a lot of them for a good reason, like that leather jacket. Because I have so 'few' things than previously, I finally got off my butt and I sent the following to the tailor: 2 tops and a dress to have the shoulder straps taken in, a blazer to have the sleeves shortened, and 3 pairs of pants that needed the hem repaired. I have a few more items that need tailoring (3 pairs of pants need hemming, a lined dress needs a hem, another needs some darts to define my waist, etc) but I am planning on doing them a little later because of the cost. I'm excited about having my items back and WEARABLE, which will give me more variety like I crave without buying anything NEW.

The biggest thing that stood out to me? I was so tired of my tops, and felt like I was wearing the same ones over and over again- I just wanted to buy new ones (which I would have done in the past)! While I did consciously try to wear more variety this month, I didn't realize that I really didn't re-wear the same tops over and over like I thought. I may need less in this category than I previously believed! I also thought I was wearing only the same 3 pairs of pants, which is obviously not true either. In reverse, I thought I was wearing much more than just the same 5 pairs of earrings. I did know however that I am not wearing my dresses or skirts as much as I wish! Several days were much too cold this month for me to brave it with only tights. Hopefully next month will see more dresses/skirts.

So, counting my wardrobe use so far has been enlightening! A few items obviously already have earned their keep (my goal was 10 wears or more per item I own for the year), but quite a few more have yet to make an appearance. Next month I will re-take my inventory count and post it.

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