Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Past Style

I was inspired by Megan's post reviewing her favorite outfits of the past and decided to review my old blog and post some of my own! The photos range from 2009 to 2013, mostly in order. I also included a rare picture of my face, just because, even though I do NOT want to be recognized I think the risk is small.
In these next pictures I was in very early pregnancy:

Post pregnancy (7 weeks and on)

Lastly, my favorite so far this year!

My style has changed a bit, but I think you can see a consistent theme and color scheme in my favorites! I saw in reviewing my posts, I had a LOT of 'bad' outfits, and I feel that in the beginning it was much rarer that I hit the mark. The great part is that as I go on I get better and my style has gotten more consistent. And I still have plenty of room to grow!

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