Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Clutter Count

The purpose of these posts is to remind myself that I do have enough, and to be mindful of what I bring into my home. I also want to see my progress! I don't list food/consumables or everyday necessary things like toilet paper.

February was very full of gifts and the like! I hope next month to be heavier on the 'OUT' and lighter on the 'IN'!

Items In:

  • 3 baby books for my daughter (she loves books and we only have a few).
  • My daughter was gifted a used set of 1st Builders mega blocks toys from my co-worker (first blocks!)
  • A cute top for summer I picked up for my daughter
  • Her 1st set of crayons!
  • A set of used alphabet blocks from my grandmother
  • I received a pair of stuffed puppies for valentines day and my daughter a bear, all from my husband
  • A grumpy cat for my desk at work from a coworker

Not pictured:

  • Two used children's tops from my grandmother for my daughter
  • A handmade quilt for my daughter from my grandmother (late Christmas present)
  • A tiger stuffed animal for my daughter for valentines day from a mom at daycare
  • Two sweaters my aunt embroidered for my daughter for next fall (late Christmas present)
  • A very very special pair of raggedy Anne and Andy dolls, handmade by my great-grandmother's sister, were given to me by my grandmother. I had a pair given to me when I was young but they were destroyed.
  • A replacement eyebrow pencil for me
  • My husband got a replacement phone charger
  • My husband bought a $150 pair of used wrestling matts
  • A replacement Ipod charger for me
  • A coworker gifted me the Machete Kills DVD :), and another coworker gave me the 'Thor' DVD
  • 6 pack pair of socks for my daughter
  • 1 replacement and one new type of mascara to try for me (and ugh waste of $)
  • A ball for my daughter (impulse buy, for shame!)
  • An auto electrical set for my husband
I also forgot to list the 2 new loofahs my husband and I got last month (not replacements!), the plush blanket my husband bought for my daughter, and a set of 3 pairs of 18k earrings for her (we've been struggling to find earrings that stay in)

Items Out:

  • 5 boxes of baby clothes, gifted to a co-worker
  • Four large bundles of plastic grocery bags to the daycare (they needed them)
  • A large box of papers I sorted out to trash
  • A few old, raggedy stuffed animals went in the trash (things I had held on for sentimental reasons and finally could let go of)
  • A necklace given to my coworker and sold 5 items (see February Budget Post)

  • I bought and read the 'Clutterfree With Kids' e-book on my ipod!
  • During my decluttering I found some unopened/unused baby items to give to a friend who's expecting. New baby spoons, a soothing rocker, teethers, washcloths, etc. I also sorted out several toys in very good condition to give to her. Nothing has actually left yet but hopefully soon!
  • I also put several things in my sell pile/purged from my closet.
  • I have a large bag of coats, 5 old sweaters and puffer vests of my husband's, etc ready to donate

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