Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February Wardrobe Wear

Since January 6th, I've been tracking what I wear. My goal is to wear everything I own (except specific formal wear) a minimum of 10x this year or purge it. Days that I don't leave my house are spent in lounge-wear, which doesn't count. I had 6 days I didn't leave the house in February. This is my progress so far (ending February 28th):
Tops: I have worn 13 of them, one of which has been purged since then. The top with the highest wear had been my black tiered top, 5x so far.
Sweaters: All 6 have been worn, and the sweater with the highest wear is my white cable-knit sweater at 3x so far.
Jackets/Blazers: I've worn 3 of the 4 so far. My burgundy leather jacket has been worn 4x.
Cardigans: I purged two that I wore 1x each. I've only worn 8 of the rest. My leopard print cardigan has gotten the most wear at 5x so far.

Camisoles and tanks: I downgraded a camisole to lounge-wear and purged another that I think I've only wore 1x in the 3 years I have had it. I have worn all 5 of what is left, but my black camisole has already been worn 11x so far!
Pants: I've worn 15 pairs so far, with my Rerock jeans ringing in at 9 wears.
Skirts: I have 3 skirts. I had 4 but purged one. I've worn 2 of them, my leopard skirt has been worn 2x.
Dresses: So far I've worn 4 of my dresses. My blue zipper dress has been worn 3x.
 Necklaces: I have worn 19 so far! My black and mint 3-strand necklaces have gotten the most wear at 5x each.
Bracelets: I have worn 6 so far. My black bracelet was worn the most at 4x.

Earrings: I've worn 11 pairs of earrings. My heart earrings got the most wear at 10x.

Belts: I have worn 3, 1x each.

Scarves: I have worn 1 of the 2, just 1x.

Coats & Outerwear: I have worn my winter hat and scarf 42 times, my coat 43x and my white puffer 1x.

Shoes: I've worn 8 pairs so far, and my black pumps have gotten 16 wears so far! My black winter boots were part of an outfit 7 times so far but were worn daily outside, for a total of 42 wears.

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