Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 Budget

See last month's budget post here!

$1800/year, can add in gift cards and ebay sales. I targeted $600 for November and the rest to be divided out monthly. See original here.
No more than 45 items total for the year. Items must correlate with my shopping strategy.

Spent this month: $100 visa gift card, $88.07 ebay profit, $382.07 out of pocket
Totals: $462.07 out of pocket, $146.71 on gift cards, $200.07 on returns and eBay earnings.
$1337.93 left for the year out of pocket.

9 new items entered my closet this year so far total, including gifts. I can buy up to 36 more items this year.

What Came In:

I ordered a lot of things to try this month- probably in binge fashion after my no shopping month, which is sad and disappointing because I really didn't want to yo-yo yet again. This is way harder than it 'should be'.

I was, however, ruthless with my decisions and sent two very nice tops back (I will most likely buy them when they go on sale) and two dresses that were 'very nice' but not to-die for. I was all set to be on track for my budget until the last purchase, which really set my budget upside down. Here's what came home with me this month:

Black Rivet Teal Faux-Leather Jacket, Wilson's Leather, $37.41 using visa gift card so $0 out of pocket.
I bought this jacket shopping with my coworkers the very day my shopping ban ended- 3/2/14. I wasn't planning on buying anything but was surprised by this jacket, the only thing I took home that day. This jacket is very 'me'. I have an almost identical one in burgundy, so I know the style works for me. The color is just my color, though slightly darker than my normal teal it will work well in my color palette. I'm very excited to wear it with my black clothing because I didn't enjoy the burgundy/black color combination and only wore it with my grey, so hopefully I will not be 'splitting my wears' with this one. And I'm very happy to add to my jacket options- I only had 4 total. I'd say it's a 9/10.

White House Black Market Colorblock Pencil Skirt- $75.34
This skirt is amazing and is most definitely staying in my closet. It's extremely flattering and fills my 'need' for more skirts. The length is great and I plan on wearing it all year round. I only had 3 skirts (I purged a too-small skirt recently) so I'm happy to find another great one.  I'm able to wear this with all but my printed tops, so it'll be versatile in that aspect too. And did I say I love it? It's a 10/10!

White House Black Market Reversible Earrings, $21.50
I love that these earrings are reversible and stay put facing the way you want them! They're basically two pairs in one, and go well with a lot of my jewelry pieces. I really like these and am sure they will get a lot of wear. They're a 9.5/10.

White House Black Market Geometric Tie-Front Top- $40.85
This top is almost identical to the polka-dot tie-front top I got last year on sale. That is probably not ideal, but I do love the style. I really like the print and am using it to replace two of my printed geometric tops that are too small. It fits perfectly and is a 9.5/10- it's only not a 10 because I have something similar (I like this print better), and I'm afraid it may 'split my wears' of the other top since they're both black and white. I also wish this top didn't have the silver faux buttons down the front (can't see in this picture weirdly, but the other top has the same buttons too) because it makes it harder to tuck into pencil skirts. I have worn it a lot already and really like it.

White House Black Market Double Ruffle Beaded Top,  $37.99
I was planning on sending this top back to wait for sale, but it went on sale just before returning and I was able to get the price adjusted. It's pretty but the material is thin, I was worried it wouldn't be durable and decided I would only buy it on sale at a lower price point. I'm now keeping it and I like it a lot, but we'll see if this was a good decision or not in the future. It works with with a lot of things and will be especially nice later on in summer because it's lightweight. It's a 9/10 style and fit-wise.

White House Black Market Black Leather Jacket $357.05
The pictures here do NOT do it justice. This jacket is really something special- it's very fitted and the view from the back is amazing because it really highlights the waist and is almost peplum shaped. The leather is nice and soft and I can't say enough how in love I am with this jacket. The price really screwed my budget this month- I would have been very UNDER budget, until this jacket showed up. It had sold out so quickly in my size in the fall and I really was very sad I missed my chance. Them, I saw they brought it back this spring to my amazement! I had a great coupon, it's $398 originally (now $249.99) and I got it for $330.60 before tax. I refused to wait for sale on this one (I never expected it to hit sale, but a day after wearing it it did, oh well) and am not one bit sorry I went over my budget for it. It's a 10/10.

All in all, I went over my budget by a lot- $272.98 over. I spent $0 out of pocket in January and $80 in February. My original budget was $109.09 per month, and $600.01 for November to total to $1800. I'm just going to try to make it up in the future and just keep concentrating on meeting my end goal ($1800 or under). I really don't expect to be tempted much in the next months, I feel pretty good right now all considering. I have worn everything I purchased a lot so far, and feel like I am getting a lot of enjoyment from the items I have added.


I sold the following items this month (will post purges separately):

Too-small leather jacket, polka-dot cardigan, red stone necklace, printed tank top, teal ruched top (drove me insane with fit issues), and a too-big skirt. That's a total of 22 items so far this year sold. I also threw out 1 over-worn item (does not count lounge wear!) and gave 1 item away for a grand total of 24. That's pretty good considering I have only brought in 9 items all together. I've purged a lot more, but I will post about that separately as I said above.


  1. I've done four or five shopping bans and every single time I have a HUGE binge after I'm done so much so that I've stopped attempting them. I've had months that I haven't bought anything because I was choosing to save/spend money on other things, but when I "ban" myself it seems to make me want to buy more than ever. I love the skirt! That will be so versatile.

    1. I've noticed the same tendency in myself. It's so aggravating! I feel like I should be able to keep a handle on it better than this. But looking back, spring has always been a top spending time for me (after fall), so I really should have been better prepared. I know now for the future! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I LOVE that teal jacket! The color is awesome! I'm stopping by from Budgeting Bloggers! Have a great week!

    Life & Leopard

    1. Thank you Sara! I do like the jacket a lot. I'm planning on visiting the other budgeting bloggers over the week, so I'll pop in on your blog soon! :) You also have a nice week.

  3. that skirt is gorgeous, and the teal jacket - so pretty!

    1. Thank you! I certainly have no regrets so far! :) thanks for stopping in!

  4. The black leather jacket rocks! Totally want to see a photo of you wearing it!

    1. Thanks Megan! I really like it! I may find time again to get pictures but these says I'm si busy at work the last thing I think of is to get selfies during lunch lol!