Sunday, April 6, 2014

March Clutter Count

The purpose of these posts is to remind myself that I do have enough, and to be mindful of what I bring into my home. I also want to see my progress! I don't list food/consumables or everyday necessary things like toilet paper.

I bought a lot of clothes for my daughter this month. She doesn't need any more I believe, and I may have gone too overboard. This is an area where I often overbuy, so I must really keep myself in line here out.


Spring/summer clothes for my daughter (3 outfit sets, 1 dress, 3 tops, 1 pair pants)
A bookcase for my daughter's room
2 Space Bags (Used to store the clothing my daughter grows out of)

Not Pictured:
More Spring/summer clothes for my daughter (1 outfit set, 3 tops, 1 pair of pants)
Dark teal faux-leather jacket, color block skirt, pair of earrings, printed top, black top, and black leather jacket for me (see budget post)
Replacement shoes for my daughter
Replacement eyelash curler for me
License plate holder and nails for husband
3 replacement tupperware sets in different sizes
Running pants, top, shoes for me
My daughter was given a giant stuffed rabbit from her uncle
My daughter also has a bag of assorted toy favors from a birthday party

Note: I forgot to put in January that I bought space bags.


I sorted out my daughters clothes and have a bag set to give away and another to give back to someone. I also have set aside what I want to save of what is too small for her now as usual. 

I trashed a lot of stuff this month. I re-sorted the bathroom with fresh eyes and was able to let go of a number of items that escaped me last time, including 2 curling irons (I do not ever curl my hair- I don't even know if they work), over-stretched hair ties, products I was given and never used/liked, etc. I also sorted out a lot of things in my bedroom. I have two bags of things to donate.

I have a lot of clutter still, but the one I don't know what to do with is the baby stuff. I'm saving it for when I hopefully have another one in a few years, but in the meantime it's just all stacked in my daughter's unused bedroom. It's a little overwhelming and I'm not sure how to organize it. 

I did let go of an old expired car seat I was given, breast pump parts to a broken pump, and a hand pump that I will never use again!

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