Monday, April 7, 2014

Updated Needs/Wants List

So my newest 'revelation' (which really is just common sense) is that, between my budget and item limit, I'm just not going to be able to check off every item on my list. This means that to get the most out of the remaining 3/4 of the year, I have to be very careful to keep this list updated and to prioritize my purchases so that I get the most out of what I buy.

I have a 45 item limit and a $1800 budget limit this year. I've decided now that 45 items is too high and am currently working to find a reasonable number. I already have added 9 items this year (1 was a gift). I just did a recent inventory and found my total number of items is pretty specatcularly low (for me). I have a total well under 150 counting accessories! Adding/replacing such a high number of items no longer makes sense- that's 1/3 or more of the total!


-Replace black flats.
-Replace tan flats.
-Mid-heel closed toe pumps in a neutral color so I can wear my in-between length pants.
-Replace my only purse/bag.

Nice to Have

-Replace my too-tight grey jeggings.
-Buy the white tiered tank when on sale or equivalent (sold out right now).
-Buy a couple work appropriate tops in prints or solids, no more black, white (see above stipulation), or black & white prints. Specifically teal, cobalt, green, coral, prints/florals, red, berry pink, purples.
-Buy a berry pink/raspberry cardigan.
-Buy a solid black skirt in pencil or a-line shape.
-Buy a work appropriate dress in a bright color or print.
-Buy a white/cream and a light grey blazer or jacket.
-Replace cobalt cardigan, black, and red-orange cardigan with upgrades.
-Replace purple cowl sweater and both surplice sweaters (poor quality).
-Buy gold-toned earrings.
-Buy necklace and earrings in coral and in red.

Future Season Needs (need to leave room in budget and item limit for fall):

Replace both grey and black winter boots- preferably sherpa or faux-fur lined, waterproof, and good traction sole for ice.
Buy a winter coat.

Wish List:

A pair of flat sandles.
Heeled cognac, grey, or brown leather boots.
A pair of booties.
A pair of non-neutral pumps.
A rhinestone style bib necklace.


  1. Depending on where it works for your budget, I would like to offer that a berry cardi is SO much more neutral than you might expect. I have one from Target, which will not last forever, but Everlane carries a cashmere one for $140 that, if I were in a place to replace mine, would be very tempting. It really wakes up navy, isn't too bright for black or white, and works with all grays and tans. I thought I'd have trouble wearing this color when I bought it (though I found it so pretty), and through Project 333 determined it is indispensable.

    1. Thanks for the advice!!! $140 is well above what I'd normally spend but it sounds sublime. I had berry colored cardigans that I loved, which I'd love to find again one day in a high quality item (wine taste, beer budget)!