Saturday, May 24, 2014

April clutter count

Sorry- better late than never!


2 pairs tights, 10 knee highs me
My daughter was gifted 2 stuffed animals, a set of pjs, candy, and several little toys for Easter from uncles/aunts and grandparents.
We bought a cute enameled metal pail and easter eggs for her for Easter.
A purse for me (see budget post).


3 books (doubles/copies).
Several small items.
Donated a pair of trousers, a white blazer, two necklaces, and 4 pairs of earrings.
Threw away two pairs of worn undergarments and a dozen ripped hosiery.

Friday, May 23, 2014

May Clutter Count

Here's the clutter count for May. I'm trying to keep accumulating things to a minimum and focus on letting things go. I've noticed a trend though- a continual influx of things for my daughter! I'm also not certain my list is accurate because I've been so busy this past month.


See my budget post for clothing/accessory acquisitions
A pair of earrings for daughter, yet again (we cannot find earrings that work for her! These didn't work out again.)
A set of summery PJs for my daughter
2 pairs of shoes for my daughter (she outgrew them AGAIN!)
A tank and pant set, 3 tees, a skirt, and a tank for my daughter for summer (she's already outgrown a few things that fit her a few months ago! some are pictured above).
A pair of pants for now and 3 for next year for my daughter.
2 dresses and a top/pant set for next year for my daughter.
I was given a giveaway tee for volunteering (used as pajamas)
My daughter was given a stuffed cat and while at the zoo I bought her a stuffed leopard.


A large bag of sheet sets and blankets.

I bought a set of PJs, a tee shirt, and a stuffed penguin for my nephew. I also got a stuffed leopard and a top for my niece, all gifted.

Third time's the charm

Top- JCPenny
Denim Trousers- Thrifted, The Limited
Cardigan- WHBM
Necklace &  Earrings- NY&Company

This is what I wore last week to 'coffee' on a Friday with my prospective boss (had already had a 1st and 2nd interview). I got the job offer and accepted, and am very excited to start at my new company! I feel like the outfit looked better in person rather than in pictures.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What I Wore Blue & Taupe

Necklace and Cardigan- NY&Co
Trousers- Express
Shoes- Isola via

Another quick OOTD from last week. I really love the colors and this top is pretty fab!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

April Purges and Sold

I apologize for being so late on this! This was meant to be hand-in-hand with my budget post. Here is what I purged from my wardrobe and why, and what I sold/donated/trashed the month of April.


Grey Pin-striped Trousers
These were my favorite trousers! Their only problem- I keep pulling the seat seam in the middle, and while the fabric is a mid-dark grey pinstripe with pretty sheen, when pulled it's white. I had it tailor fixed and have fixed it myself twice, so it's been donated. Very sad. I only really wore these a few times!
White Sateen Open Blazer
This blazer has been worn in only one successful outfit and a couple 'meh' outfits in the 2+ years I've had it. It's just not right for me. Time to let it go. I ripped a seam in the interior lining and since I don't know how to fix it (it's minor luckily) I have donated it as it's in almost perfect condition otherwise.

Blue Beaded Necklace
This is a super pretty necklace. It used to get a lot of wear but I now have others that I reach for over this one. I also find it scratchy at the neck. It's now in the sell pile.

Beachy Charm Necklace (no picture):
This necklace I am guilty of keeping for an 'imaginary' lifestyle. I look at it and think 'perfect beach necklace'. I go to the beach a couple times a year if I'm lucky and don't actually need a necklace! Donated. 

From Sell to Donation

I decided not to take the trouble to list these things on eBay. These are past purged items, and have simple explanations next to them as to why I don't want them.

Red Dress- too small, fabric is wrinkly
Cream/Orange Dress- too big, style isn't flattering on me
Black/White Dress- too long, not worth altering
Dusk Blue Dress- too small and impractical for my life (beach dress) 
Worn Cream Beaded Cardigan- too worn and too small
Teal Custom Dress with Sash- fabric is showing signs of wear and is no longer my style
Orange Casual Dress- never was very flattering, too casual for my lifestyle
Long Black Beaded Necklace- too long to wear with most items and is not my favorite

Printed Cardigan- Was too large
Printed A-Line Skirt- was too large
Purple ruffle tank- was too small
Leopard Cardigan- found a better replacement

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

March Purges

These are items I purged from my wardrobe (now in sell pile or sold!) in March and the reasons why. I apologize for taking so long to post these, they've just been waiting for me to add pictures and publish!

Green Cardigan, NY&Company, approx. January 2013
I like this cardigan, but hate the buttons. I bought it in 4 colors originally (what was I thinking!?) but have since sold the white one. The blue and red-orange cardigans I'd like to keep until I find better replacements, but I don't reach for this one and since it's not the high quality cardigan I want in my wardrobe in the future I decided to let it go now.

Grey Camisole, Express circa 2011
I think I've worn this cami once since I bought it. I like it but really won't wear it, so why keep it? I always opt for one of my other camis over this one, and I really don't like this color of grey much near my face. It may be my 'core' neutral- but for bottoms only I think!

Black and White Geometric Print Top, Maurices January 2010
This top was simply just too small, but even before it was too small for me the fabric was too clingy for my taste. It also screams 'juniors' to me for some reason- I'd prefer a more mature style now.
Green Jeggings, Express circa April 2013
These jeggings are a great color, and I really wanted them to work. I wanted to expand my options with colored bottoms, but now realize I'd prefer a more subtle color. They're also a smidge too tight and too low-rise for my body type if I'm being honest. I have another pair in grey but am considering keeping them until I find a better upgrade for them.
Teal ruched top, Maurices 
I really loved the color of this top, but the shape/fit left a lot to be desired. It's always been a funny fit- a bit too low cut, too long, and the double fabric and ruching made it fussy. I never felt my best in it and finally decided to give it up.

Printed teal top, Maurices via ebay
I love the print of this top, but never was happy that I always had to layer a cami under it because of the low neckline. The other problem is that this top is and always has been a tad too small. I finally decided to stop trying to make it work and let it go.
JCrew Black Wool Pencil Skirt
I bought this when I was a lot smaller than I am now. The skirt, while I can still get into it, is too tight in the hips and pulls, but is and always has been too big in the waist. I decided to finally let it go rather keep it hoping to lose weight and then get the waist taken in.

So, the current trending reason for letting go of items? I love the color or print, but it's too small. Story of my life! I've been buying items too small or too big for years, and finally realized it in the recent past couple of years. It's been a big learning curve for me in figuring out what proper FIT really is. There are also a couple of things I like in idea but not in practice due to fit/fussiness or quality.

Monday, May 12, 2014

OOTD Spring Coral

Top- Kohls
Pants- Express
Cami (Can't see)- Express
Necklace- WHBM
Bracelet- NY&Company
Earrings- H&M
Pointy toe pumps- Isola via 6pm

Just a quick spring OOTD! It's been a while since I've posted an outfit, so here you go! I'm finally fitting back into some of my pants again :-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Adjustments v2

I am making two adjustments this month.

One, I am removing a gifted necklace from my item count, because I have been  unable to wear it and didn't purchase it. I'm regifting or selling/donating it soon.

The second adjustment is on my rules. When I stated I couldn't accept gifts from my husband I had good intentions, but I really should have said that I couldn't accept random gifts but that I could accept gifts for the holidays he traditionally gives me a gift or gift card. This would be our Wedding Anniversary, Valentines Day (both passed already!), Mothers Day, my Birthday, and Christmas. This came up this past weekend and not accepting a well intentioned gift isn't really my style!

Lastly, my work situation is (hopefully) about to change. I may need to slightly increase the newly lowered item count and the budget, as I would be working at a more professional workplace in a higher position. I'll also need to update my shopping list, particularly in that I'll need another suit or two, etc. I've not decided on numbers but I'm thinking of adding 5-10 items with a $300-$500 budget. I'll hopefully know by next week if this is going through and then will need to begin planning.

Shopping Review

Debbie Roes inspired me to do this review, since she herself just did a post on this here! I'm going to look at what I bought to see where things stand. I also wanted to add another tiny facet- what I spent and if it was worth it.

These are the purchases/additions I made from January to April and how they are working out for me so far.

Not Working Out - 1 out of 10
Aqua Bubble Necklace
This necklace was a gift I accepted from a dear friend. It's pretty and a great color for me, and I love how it looks. The problem- it doesn't work with the neckline of anything I own! It is short and needs a boat or crewneck, and everything I own is a V or scoop-neck, except a formal dress I own. I'm probably going to regift it and take it off my item count since I did not purchase it and have been unable to wear it.

Wardrobe Workhorses- 9 out of 10
Colorblock Purse
This was a true need and is used daily. It replaced my falling apart bag and looks nice against my clothing. The purse filled a need and is extremely functional, worth the purchase price of $69.36
Jade Jacket
This jacket fits perfect- even the sleeves are the right length. The color is great and I'm delighted with it. It works with my black clothing, something I didn't like with my burgundy jacket. It's been worn 4 times (purchased in March) and I'm sure it will continue to get a lot of wear. Worth the $37.41
Colorblock Skirt
I love this skirt. It's very form-fitting so I have not worn it as often as I'd like. I gained some weight and am working on shedding it. I've worn it twice since purchasing it in March and expect to wear it more frequently in the future. It cost $75.34 and was worth the purchase price.
Geometric Tie-Neck Blouse
This blouse is fabulous. That's all I really need to say! I've worn it 4 times so far since March and expect to wear it often! $40.85 paid and would have been worth purchasing even at a higher price.
Black Leather Jacket
This jacket is super beautiful. I imagined it an investment piece and a real 'foundation piece' for my style. It cost $357.05 and has been worn 4x. I love this jacket but in reality should have waited for sale, but I was afraid of missing out. I didn't need a jacket that was this expensive and hope I learned my lesson.
Reversible Earrings
These earrings have already worn their keep at 9 times worn since March. They cost $21.50 and were well worth purchasing.
Black Ruffle Blouse
This was a basic I really needed. It cost $37.99 and has been worn 6 times since March.
Black Pumps
These poor pumps will probably get worn into the ground prematurely. So far I've worn them 44 times since January! More than worth the $46.71 they cost.
Dusky Blue V-Neck Dress
This dress cost me $97 in January and has been worn twice. I adore this dress but same as the skirt, it's very form-fitting and I gained some weight, making me less able to wear it. Next time I need to size up, but in the meantime I'm working hard on getting fit so I can wear my clothing.

Undecided- zero!

Nothing is in this category! While I could be picky about what I've purchased, there is nothing I would see myself letting go of in the near future or not purchasing again given the chance. So far so good!!!

I spent $597.42 out of pocket including $165 in tailoring (none of the items I tailored were purchased this year). I also spent $219.11 from eBay sales and one return from 2013 that came in January, and $146.71 on Christmas gift cards. That is a total of $963.24, which is a hefty sum in reality. The gift cards I got for Christmas and reselling my things on eBay have made a big difference in how much I can afford to invest in my wardrobe.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April Wardrobe Wear

Since January 6th, I've been tracking what I wear. My goal is to wear everything I own (except specific formal wear) a minimum of 10x this year or purge it. Days that I don't leave my house are spent in lounge-wear, which doesn't count. I had 3 days I only wore lounge-wear in April. This is my progress so far (ending April 30th):

Tops: I have worn 18 of them, two of which has been purged since then and one downgraded, leaving 2 tops unworn thus far. The top with the highest wear had been my white ruffled blouse (same as last month), at now 13 wears!

Sweaters: All 6 have been worn, and the sweater with the highest wear is my white cable-knit sweater at 5x so far (still on top from last month).

Jackets/Blazers: My burgundy leather jacket is still at the top at 8x now.

Cardigans: I purged two that I wore 1x each. I've worn 9 of the rest leaving 1 unworn. My black sparkle cardigan has been worn the most at 9x.

Camisoles and tanks: I downgraded a camisole to lounge-wear and purged another that I think I've only wore 1x in the 3 years I have had it. I have worn all 6 of what is left (typo last month). My white camisole has already been worn 18x.
Pants: I've worn 16 pairs so far, but have purged one pair. with my Rerock jeans ringing in at 19 wears, still on top!
Skirts: I have 4 skirts- I had 5 but purged one. I've worn all, with my leopard skirt still on top at 6x.
Dresses: So far I've worn 4 of my dresses. My blue zipper dress has been worn 5x, still on top!
 Necklaces: I have worn 21 so far! My blue stone, black, and my mint 3-strand necklaces have gotten the most wear at 10x each (black and mint on top again!).
Bracelets: I have worn 7 so far. My black bracelet was worn the most at 9x still on top!

Earrings: I've worn 15 pairs of earrings. My heart earrings got the most wear at 21x, still on top.

Belts: I have worn 3, my grey pants one 3x.

Scarves: I have worn both 1x.

Coats & Outerwear: I have worn my winter hat 73x and scarf 72, my grey coat 91x, teal 1x (too tight still), and my white puffer 1x but have since purged it. My pink trench has been worn 10x.

Shoes: I've worn 10 pairs so far, and my black pumps have gotten 44 wears so far!

My black winter boots were part of an outfit 12 times so far but were worn almost daily outside, for a total of 68 wears. I wore my grey winter boots 1x and black flats for commute 30x. I will replace these asap as they are too worn now to wear!