Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Adjustments v2

I am making two adjustments this month.

One, I am removing a gifted necklace from my item count, because I have been  unable to wear it and didn't purchase it. I'm regifting or selling/donating it soon.

The second adjustment is on my rules. When I stated I couldn't accept gifts from my husband I had good intentions, but I really should have said that I couldn't accept random gifts but that I could accept gifts for the holidays he traditionally gives me a gift or gift card. This would be our Wedding Anniversary, Valentines Day (both passed already!), Mothers Day, my Birthday, and Christmas. This came up this past weekend and not accepting a well intentioned gift isn't really my style!

Lastly, my work situation is (hopefully) about to change. I may need to slightly increase the newly lowered item count and the budget, as I would be working at a more professional workplace in a higher position. I'll also need to update my shopping list, particularly in that I'll need another suit or two, etc. I've not decided on numbers but I'm thinking of adding 5-10 items with a $300-$500 budget. I'll hopefully know by next week if this is going through and then will need to begin planning.

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