Thursday, May 15, 2014

April Purges and Sold

I apologize for being so late on this! This was meant to be hand-in-hand with my budget post. Here is what I purged from my wardrobe and why, and what I sold/donated/trashed the month of April.


Grey Pin-striped Trousers
These were my favorite trousers! Their only problem- I keep pulling the seat seam in the middle, and while the fabric is a mid-dark grey pinstripe with pretty sheen, when pulled it's white. I had it tailor fixed and have fixed it myself twice, so it's been donated. Very sad. I only really wore these a few times!
White Sateen Open Blazer
This blazer has been worn in only one successful outfit and a couple 'meh' outfits in the 2+ years I've had it. It's just not right for me. Time to let it go. I ripped a seam in the interior lining and since I don't know how to fix it (it's minor luckily) I have donated it as it's in almost perfect condition otherwise.

Blue Beaded Necklace
This is a super pretty necklace. It used to get a lot of wear but I now have others that I reach for over this one. I also find it scratchy at the neck. It's now in the sell pile.

Beachy Charm Necklace (no picture):
This necklace I am guilty of keeping for an 'imaginary' lifestyle. I look at it and think 'perfect beach necklace'. I go to the beach a couple times a year if I'm lucky and don't actually need a necklace! Donated. 

From Sell to Donation

I decided not to take the trouble to list these things on eBay. These are past purged items, and have simple explanations next to them as to why I don't want them.

Red Dress- too small, fabric is wrinkly
Cream/Orange Dress- too big, style isn't flattering on me
Black/White Dress- too long, not worth altering
Dusk Blue Dress- too small and impractical for my life (beach dress) 
Worn Cream Beaded Cardigan- too worn and too small
Teal Custom Dress with Sash- fabric is showing signs of wear and is no longer my style
Orange Casual Dress- never was very flattering, too casual for my lifestyle
Long Black Beaded Necklace- too long to wear with most items and is not my favorite

Printed Cardigan- Was too large
Printed A-Line Skirt- was too large
Purple ruffle tank- was too small
Leopard Cardigan- found a better replacement

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  1. Dang too bad, those pants look amazing! But you gotta get rid of them if they just won't work...