Wednesday, May 14, 2014

March Purges

These are items I purged from my wardrobe (now in sell pile or sold!) in March and the reasons why. I apologize for taking so long to post these, they've just been waiting for me to add pictures and publish!

Green Cardigan, NY&Company, approx. January 2013
I like this cardigan, but hate the buttons. I bought it in 4 colors originally (what was I thinking!?) but have since sold the white one. The blue and red-orange cardigans I'd like to keep until I find better replacements, but I don't reach for this one and since it's not the high quality cardigan I want in my wardrobe in the future I decided to let it go now.

Grey Camisole, Express circa 2011
I think I've worn this cami once since I bought it. I like it but really won't wear it, so why keep it? I always opt for one of my other camis over this one, and I really don't like this color of grey much near my face. It may be my 'core' neutral- but for bottoms only I think!

Black and White Geometric Print Top, Maurices January 2010
This top was simply just too small, but even before it was too small for me the fabric was too clingy for my taste. It also screams 'juniors' to me for some reason- I'd prefer a more mature style now.
Green Jeggings, Express circa April 2013
These jeggings are a great color, and I really wanted them to work. I wanted to expand my options with colored bottoms, but now realize I'd prefer a more subtle color. They're also a smidge too tight and too low-rise for my body type if I'm being honest. I have another pair in grey but am considering keeping them until I find a better upgrade for them.
Teal ruched top, Maurices 
I really loved the color of this top, but the shape/fit left a lot to be desired. It's always been a funny fit- a bit too low cut, too long, and the double fabric and ruching made it fussy. I never felt my best in it and finally decided to give it up.

Printed teal top, Maurices via ebay
I love the print of this top, but never was happy that I always had to layer a cami under it because of the low neckline. The other problem is that this top is and always has been a tad too small. I finally decided to stop trying to make it work and let it go.
JCrew Black Wool Pencil Skirt
I bought this when I was a lot smaller than I am now. The skirt, while I can still get into it, is too tight in the hips and pulls, but is and always has been too big in the waist. I decided to finally let it go rather keep it hoping to lose weight and then get the waist taken in.

So, the current trending reason for letting go of items? I love the color or print, but it's too small. Story of my life! I've been buying items too small or too big for years, and finally realized it in the recent past couple of years. It's been a big learning curve for me in figuring out what proper FIT really is. There are also a couple of things I like in idea but not in practice due to fit/fussiness or quality.

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