Friday, May 23, 2014

May Clutter Count

Here's the clutter count for May. I'm trying to keep accumulating things to a minimum and focus on letting things go. I've noticed a trend though- a continual influx of things for my daughter! I'm also not certain my list is accurate because I've been so busy this past month.


See my budget post for clothing/accessory acquisitions
A pair of earrings for daughter, yet again (we cannot find earrings that work for her! These didn't work out again.)
A set of summery PJs for my daughter
2 pairs of shoes for my daughter (she outgrew them AGAIN!)
A tank and pant set, 3 tees, a skirt, and a tank for my daughter for summer (she's already outgrown a few things that fit her a few months ago! some are pictured above).
A pair of pants for now and 3 for next year for my daughter.
2 dresses and a top/pant set for next year for my daughter.
I was given a giveaway tee for volunteering (used as pajamas)
My daughter was given a stuffed cat and while at the zoo I bought her a stuffed leopard.


A large bag of sheet sets and blankets.

I bought a set of PJs, a tee shirt, and a stuffed penguin for my nephew. I also got a stuffed leopard and a top for my niece, all gifted.

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