Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shopping Review

Debbie Roes inspired me to do this review, since she herself just did a post on this here! I'm going to look at what I bought to see where things stand. I also wanted to add another tiny facet- what I spent and if it was worth it.

These are the purchases/additions I made from January to April and how they are working out for me so far.

Not Working Out - 1 out of 10
Aqua Bubble Necklace
This necklace was a gift I accepted from a dear friend. It's pretty and a great color for me, and I love how it looks. The problem- it doesn't work with the neckline of anything I own! It is short and needs a boat or crewneck, and everything I own is a V or scoop-neck, except a formal dress I own. I'm probably going to regift it and take it off my item count since I did not purchase it and have been unable to wear it.

Wardrobe Workhorses- 9 out of 10
Colorblock Purse
This was a true need and is used daily. It replaced my falling apart bag and looks nice against my clothing. The purse filled a need and is extremely functional, worth the purchase price of $69.36
Jade Jacket
This jacket fits perfect- even the sleeves are the right length. The color is great and I'm delighted with it. It works with my black clothing, something I didn't like with my burgundy jacket. It's been worn 4 times (purchased in March) and I'm sure it will continue to get a lot of wear. Worth the $37.41
Colorblock Skirt
I love this skirt. It's very form-fitting so I have not worn it as often as I'd like. I gained some weight and am working on shedding it. I've worn it twice since purchasing it in March and expect to wear it more frequently in the future. It cost $75.34 and was worth the purchase price.
Geometric Tie-Neck Blouse
This blouse is fabulous. That's all I really need to say! I've worn it 4 times so far since March and expect to wear it often! $40.85 paid and would have been worth purchasing even at a higher price.
Black Leather Jacket
This jacket is super beautiful. I imagined it an investment piece and a real 'foundation piece' for my style. It cost $357.05 and has been worn 4x. I love this jacket but in reality should have waited for sale, but I was afraid of missing out. I didn't need a jacket that was this expensive and hope I learned my lesson.
Reversible Earrings
These earrings have already worn their keep at 9 times worn since March. They cost $21.50 and were well worth purchasing.
Black Ruffle Blouse
This was a basic I really needed. It cost $37.99 and has been worn 6 times since March.
Black Pumps
These poor pumps will probably get worn into the ground prematurely. So far I've worn them 44 times since January! More than worth the $46.71 they cost.
Dusky Blue V-Neck Dress
This dress cost me $97 in January and has been worn twice. I adore this dress but same as the skirt, it's very form-fitting and I gained some weight, making me less able to wear it. Next time I need to size up, but in the meantime I'm working hard on getting fit so I can wear my clothing.

Undecided- zero!

Nothing is in this category! While I could be picky about what I've purchased, there is nothing I would see myself letting go of in the near future or not purchasing again given the chance. So far so good!!!

I spent $597.42 out of pocket including $165 in tailoring (none of the items I tailored were purchased this year). I also spent $219.11 from eBay sales and one return from 2013 that came in January, and $146.71 on Christmas gift cards. That is a total of $963.24, which is a hefty sum in reality. The gift cards I got for Christmas and reselling my things on eBay have made a big difference in how much I can afford to invest in my wardrobe.


  1. I love that I inspired you to do a purchase analysis, Meli! I hope you're proud of yourself because you're doing great! You only had one item that's not working out, and you didn't even buy it for yourself. Not bad at all... And no undecided items, too - bravo! On a side note, I really like all of the items you bought so far this year and would wear them myself. You are doing very well on your "wear statistics," too. Goes to show that when one has a smaller, more well thought out wardrobe, it's easier to get more wear out of everything. I still need to pare down further...

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Debbie!!! Last year I had a very very high rate of bad and 'undecided' items, so this year is a true improvement in that area. I think I spent a similar amount of money or a bit more (though I didn't have as much offset by eBay sales!) I came out the loser on many of my buys. Some lasted one wear and were given away! $ down the drain.

      Thank you for the compliment on my choices- we have similar tastes and coloring I think, though very different lifestyles in casual vs. dressy. :)