Tuesday, June 3, 2014

11 Item Plan

I have an 11 item limit for the rest of the year. I took my need/wish list and made it fit into this format so that I could have a nice structured list to work from. I did this weeks ago and forgot to post it!

Item 1- A great colored or printed summery dress.

Item 2- A replacement trench coat.

Item 3- A new winter coat.

Item 4- A nice pair of heeled leather boots.

Item 5- A fitted white top.

Item 6- A raspberry colored cardigan or a replacement cobalt cardigan.

Item 7- A replacement black cardigan.

Item 8- A black or other neutral colored skirt.

Item 9- A colored or printed top.

Item 10- A pair of low heels.

Item 11- A white blazer.

Items I can 'sub in' if I cannot find a suitable item in the mentioned above, but are most likely on the list for next year:

A dress for my 10 year reunion.
Replacement sweaters (last year's are looking rough!)
Another top in a color or print or texture.
A great handbag.
A great neutral pair of low heeled sandals.

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