Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Goals Review

This is how I've done on my goals thus far as of today! All calculations are exact to today's date and include purchases and purges not posted yet.

Goal: Wear Everything (except formal wear) 10x or more this year.

Progress: 'Green' means worn 10x or more. 'Blue' is worn 6x or more. 'Yellow' is worn 1-5x. 'Red' is worn 0 times so far.

Tops and camis (21 total): 5 are in the green and 4 are in the blue. The rest are in the yellow. Top worn the most is my white ruffled blouse (19 times) and my white camisole was worn 23 times.

Sweaters and cardigans (18 total): 2 are in the green and 2 are in the blue, the rest are yellow. My teal cardigan has been worn the most at 15 times.

Skirts and Dresses (16 total): 2 are in the blue and 9 are in the yellow. 5 are in the red.

Pants (18): 2 are in the green, 5 in blue, rest are yellow. My rerock jeans were worn 27 times!

Jackets and Outerwear (10): 4 are in the green, 2 are in blue, and 4 are yellow (This includes winter scarf).

Shoes (18): 4 are in the green, 3 are in blue, 8 are in yellow, and 3 are in red.

Accessories (67): 12 are green, 5 are blue, 15 are red and rest are yellow. Several items were worn more than 20 times.

Purged items: Due to fit, function, or condition I purged many items. Some items were worn, and account for a total of 35 'lost' wears. Some items in yellow replaced these items and should quickly turn green, and other items in yellow need to be replaced still.

The numbers aren't looking too bad. The biggest issue impacting my wears is that I don't distribute my wears evenly. I wear my favorites into the ground and neglect the rest / use them to break up my favorites marathon. I don't try to wear anything- all my wears are 'organic' and are my real, unplanned, choices. I have six months to go and should be on track to wear most things the 10x minimum. It does reinforce how I should be careful not to buy too much so I don't 'water down' my wears!

Goal: Buy or receive a maximum of 45 items of clothing and accessories (not including lounge wear/undergarments only, changed to 35) this year.

Progress: I have purchased 25 items this year. It's on track for the original goal, but not for the modified goal. I only have 10 items left to purchase between July and December! I need to be extra careful from here out.

Goal: Stick to a budget of $1800 (not counting eBay sales or gift cards, changed to $2300) for the year.

Progress: I have spent $1043.94 out of pocket, $246.71 on gift cards, $288.81 on returns and eBay earnings. I have $1256.06 left for the rest of the year, or $125.60 each item (limit of 10 left) to spend. The budget portion is looking very good for me and I expect to have leftover and to meet my budget goal for the first time in my life!

Goal: This year's words were Simplify and Change. 

Progress: So far these words have rung true! This year I have changed and simplified SO much! I quit my job and took a new job in an entirely different field (stress is SO much less now). I reduced my closet to a total of 81 clothing items and 87 accessories! I have reduced from 261 items of clothing and another 130 (estimate, never counted accessories up until recently) accessories.


  1. Sounds like you are doing pretty well. I also have the bad habit of wearing my fave pieces until they fall off me. I've been getting good at randomly grabbing a piece of clothing from my closet and throwing it on, it definitely helps trying to spread out wears!

    1. I also am shifting towards getting out my more rarely worn items to either rediscover them or purge them! :)