Friday, June 6, 2014

May Wardrobe Wear

Since January 6th, I've been tracking what I wear. My goal is to wear everything I own (except specific formal wear) a minimum of 10x this year or purge it. Days that I don't leave my house are spent in lounge-wear, which doesn't count. I had 3 days I only wore lounge-wear in May. This is my progress so far (ending May 31st):

Tops: I have worn all but one of my tops (15 total). I downgraded 2 others and purged another 4 (no longer in count).
The top with the highest wear had been my white ruffled blouse (3rd month running), at now 18 wears! I have had two tops make it to 10+ wears, and another 6 at 5+.

Sweaters: All 6 have been worn, and the sweater with the highest wear is my white cable-knit sweater at 5x so far.

Jackets/Blazers: My burgundy leather jacket is still at the top at 8x now.

Cardigans: I've worn all 12. I purged two that I wore 1x each. Two of my cardigans have made it to 10+ wears and 3 more at 5+. The top worn cardigan is my teal cardigan at 12x.

Camisoles and tanks: I downgraded a camisole to lounge-wear and purged another that I think I've only wore 1x in the 3 years I have had it. I have worn all 6 of what is left (typo last month). My white camisole has already been worn 22x.
Pants: I've worn 19 pairs so far, but have purged one pair. Two have made it to 10+ wears and five more are at 5+. My Rerock jeans are at 26 wears, still on top! 
Skirts: I have 4 skirts- I had 5 but purged one. I've worn all, with my leopard skirt still on top at 6x.
Dresses: So far I've worn 4 of my dresses. My blue zipper dress has been worn 6x, still on top!
 Necklaces: I have worn 24 so far! My mint 3-strand necklace has gotten the most wear at 13x. Two others have made it to 10+ and five more at 5+.
Bracelets: I have worn 7 so far. My black bracelet was worn the most at 10x, still on top!

Earrings: I've worn 16 pairs of earrings. My heart earrings got the most wear at 24x, still on top. Five pairs have reached 10+ wears!

Belts: I have worn 3, my grey pants one 3x.

Scarves: I have worn both 1x.

Coats & Outerwear: I have worn my winter hat 73x and scarf 72, my grey coat 91x, teal 1x (too tight still), and my white puffer 1x but have since purged it. My pink trench has been worn 38 times. My black winter boots were worn 68x and my purged black flats 32x for commute. 

Shoes: I've worn 10 pairs so far, and my black pumps have gotten 47 wears so far!


  1. Just caught up on your posts after being MIA. I've had so much going on with my first son graduating high school so my own personal wardrobe is a MESS. I've been buying too much and not purging enough. But you've inspired me to get back to it. I did the January to March round of Project 333 and loved it, but just couldn't get to it in April. Next round is coming up on July 1 and I'm really hoping to do it again.

    Anyway, congratulations on the new job and keep posting. I love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much and please accept my apologies for responding so late!!! Good luck to you as well.