Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Budget

$2300/year, can add in gift cards and eBay sales.
No more than 45 items this year and must fit in with my shopping questions.

Spent this month: $262.80, $8.99 in eBay sales.
Totals: $1300.20 out of pocket, $246.71 on gift cards, $304.34 on returns and eBay earnings.
$999.80 left for the year out of pocket.

28 new items entered my closet this year so far total (I dropped one gift I received as it didn't work out for me). I can buy or receive up to 17 more items this year.

What Came In:

WHBM Beaded and Tiered Dress- $166.25
I fell head over heels for this dress. I didn't specifically need this dress right now, but did recently add to my 'want/need' list a formal dress that is suitable for multiple functions, particularly for work and with clients and not just holidays. I also have a 10-year reunion coming up, and absolutely plan on wearing this to my company holiday party. When I saw this dress, I was hooked! This dress fits phenomenally and is sexy without showing anything inappropriate. It'll be a great dress to have for a number of events, and I rate it over a 10 which is a first for me! The price is much higher than my typical range- it's $250 full price and I grabbed it at 35% off before it even was available to ship! I probably could have stalked it to sale but a fear of missing out yet again won the battle. It's cost per wear will always be high, but it's classic enough to wear and love for years. 11/10!

WHBM Cardigan- $31.49
I've been searching for a berry colored cardigan for a couple years and finally have found the one! It came out a bit more purple- I wanted more raspberry- than I expected, but it's a great pop of color and goes very well with what I own. I foresee it getting worn frequently in all seasons, and it fits wonderfully. 10/10

Express Light-grey Trousers $67.90 w/tax &shipping
These trousers are replacing my tan trousers, which are slim cut and only long enough for flats (and are too tight). These are perfect height for heels and are a beautiful silver grey. I'm extremely pleased with these! Again, I can see these being worn in all seasons (in the coldest weather I layer tights under)- the color is very versatile. 10/10.

Kelly Green Blazer
I didn't buy this, but did pay $6.15 in shipping. It's pre-loved from Lisa over at Shopping Brake and fits great! She was purging this as she was tired of it. I have been wanting a colored blazer and especially have been looking for items in this color, so I jumped at the chance! It's more casual than my typical style but it's got the versatility more of my clothing needs! I've already worn this in a successful outfit. Not to mention- how lucky to be able to do a quick google and find the exact product picture? 9/10!

Overall I didn't do too badly. I originally ordered 3 other items this month but they did not work out (returning one for a smaller size to see if it works, if so I'll report it next month). I did go back to the original limit of 45 items this year, which I have mixed feelings about. It's less than 1/2 of what I bought last year and is on par with my closet re-evaluation. It's just that I hoped to do even better! Overall the things I have been adding have been great additions to my closet, and are getting well-used. 

Lastly, I plan on having a big month next month, I'm replacing several items (particularly worn-out shoes), am focusing on accessories to bring more versatility to my outfits, and am planning on taking every advantage of my birthday discounts.


  1. I love your year-long plan! I also need to focus on shoes and replace some boots for fall. I agree that dress is amazing! So pretty!

    1. Thanks Anna Belle! Shoes is working out to be more difficult than I thought lol, we'll see if I find the right ones this month!

  2. I love the Express pants of course. The White House Black Market dress and green blazer are both great as well. Good July purchases!

    1. Thanks Megan! I'm truly happy with everything I got this month. Hopefully I can say the same next month (and at the end of the year for everything I have purchased)!