Sunday, July 20, 2014


I've spent the last few weeks mentally regrouping. I have identified a lot of issues (my shopping challenge, which I will post about soon) but also have been feeling a big shift in terms of my thinking.

I absolutely have an addiction with shopping in terms of feeling the compulsion (and most often acting upon it). It's something I am working on but I have a long way to go.

I want to redirect my focus in shopping for my closet in terms of purchasing items that will give me more versatility and more 'bang for my buck'. For me that means choosing items that can be worn multiple ways (too many items I have are not versatile). Most importantly, I need to focus on expanding my options in colored accessories and shoes so I can switch up my looks and make better, less boring outfits. A recent revelation for me was that my outfits are too boring for me, so I constantly feel the need to buy new clothes! I am still considering going back from 35 to 45 in the item limit, but with a stipulation that it's only for accessories that fit my new goals.

I re-did my entire budget and put more focus on paying off my car loan, which makes my personal spending much tighter overall. I'll have to be more careful in the future to keep spending under control in all areas, and expect to cut the budget and item limit next year.

I truly feel that minimalism is the way for me to go, though it's at odds with my compulsions (or perhaps BECAUSE it is so). While I am still purchasing to get to a versatile wardobe, I also am focusing on letting things that don't work for me so well go and reselling them. As for the rest of the house, I am doing at least an hour a day of deep cleaning, organising, and purging room by room (even the walls and windows along with all storage). I have a long way to go but feel like I've made excellent progress along the way. My dining room looks amazing!


  1. Wow, one hour of cleaning and purging a day??? That is amazing! I spent the last 2 months reorganizing and cleaning up the entire house. I have been trying minimalism too when it comes to my closet, but I find it hard. Yesterday I went shopping for the first time in 7 weeks. I did not buy anything, but I felt like the compulsion was taking over again. This morning I woke up with only 1 thing om my mind: I want to go shopping today. I kept thinking it all day, but I didn't go. It makes me wonder, if this compulsion will ever go away :-(
    Can't wait to read about the shopping challenge!

    1. Thanks Jessica! Yeah, it's slow going but it's hard to find time. If I force 1 hour a day (or more when possible) at least I have tangible progress, one cupboard at a time. If I keep waiting for free time, I never find it (speaking from experience!).

      I also have a hard time with the compulsion to shop for my wardrobe. I'll post approx. tomorrow about it, but suffice to say that I am still struggling, particularly with the fear of missing out. I AM making progress overall, but still am purchasing things!

    2. Oops!! Wanted to say thanks for reading and congrads on your progresd and for not getting anything!! Any progress is good- we need to celebrate our successes and think about our failures, but NOT beat ourself up over them ;)