Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shopping Challenge follow up

My challenges:

Online shopping/browsing only once a week

This was a big challenge for me because I'm literally addicted to browsing. It's been a total fail. 

The first week I inadvertently found myself browsing when I had a free minute without even thinking about it. I stopped, but then browsed on my designated day on the weekend. I then just didn't stop browsing! I know it would be beneficial for me to stop, but I let the fear of missing out drive me to browse constantly to see what is new, what is available, and what is on sale. And of course, browsing leads to seeing things I want, which leads to buying.

I'm going to try this again, but I need a new plan because this was a lot harder for me than it should have been, and I was only successful for a few days.

No purchases during the next 14 days (may extend).

I did purchase a pair of pants on day 16, but I was successful in meeting the 14 day trial. I since have fallen off the wagon, ordering a top and two dresses (waiting, we'll see if I keep them) I've been eyeing when a very rare (seriously) 50% off sale was offered on items over $150. I would have to have waited several months before anything I ordered would have been reduced that low in price- each item cost $150 or more each and are new arrivals. But in truth, I really didn't NEED any of it- I just wanted it! I NEED replacement shoes, or a fitted white top, not another dress. I just have found a lot of things I like and want. 

I have decided I am not buying anything more for the next 16 days (birthday shopping trip with friends), and then focusing on NEEDS for the rest of the month per my new plan outlined in the previous post.


  1. Focusing on my NEEDS over the month of August is my plan too! July was a bit of a rough month for me, but evaluating what I have and any necessary items I should purchase will be what I go forward with.

    1. I've identified too many needs I think lol! I have a long list (finally published the clothing part of it, but the accessory side is also large).