Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shopping Challenge

I'm considering dipping a toe back into a shopping ban! I'd all but given them up but now want to try again after reading Jill Chiver's 'How a Shopping Hiatus Can Help', a guest post on Debbie Roe's blog. She lists 10 tips on how to be successful and has inspired me to try again.

My challenges:

Online shopping/browsing only once a week. This is a big challenge because I'm literally addicted to browsing I believe. I took the month of June to see how often I shopped (online as well as in person) and analyzed my results. They're quite scary (post coming soon). If I can cut down my several times a day browsing into once a week, I will be a long way into kicking this shopping compulsion! The fear of missing out has me right now so while once a week is still high, I'm not really ready to commit to less just yet. I hope to get it down in the future to once a month.

No purchases during the next 14 days (may extend). I already pre-ordered my 2 allotted purchases for July last month (available to ship 7/7) and should wait for them to come in before ordering anything else! I'm considering going the whole month regardless if the items work out or not, but I'm not ready to commit yet. I'll re-evaluate in two weeks and may commit the rest of the month!