Friday, July 25, 2014

Wardrobe building- Coral Capsule

I was inspired by Lisa of Shopping Brake to see how my clothes would make out if I divided it out by capsules. I decided to organize my first one here to see how it looks. 

My first capsule contains clothing I tend to wear for spring, summer, and into early fall. The capsule colors are coral and tomato red. This is the most limited capsule season-wise- the dresses and coat are not able to transition to colder weather, and I don't tend to wear the tops in winter at all.

Shown: Coral printed dress, pink and red color-blocked dress, pink trench coat, tomato red cardigan, coral dolman top, coral print top, coral bib necklace, pointy taupe heels.

I then threw in some neutral coordinating bottoms:

Skinny legging jeans in light grey, chocolate/espresso wide leg trousers, pinstripe wide leg trousers, light grey wide leg trousers, very slim taupe-y grey trousers.

This capsule could be better served with a light colored skirt, some variety in tops, a colored bottom, and a light colored neutral cardigan. It's got a good start though! I already can see some combinations but had to throw in some other items for versatility below. I like wearing coral with burgundy and gold tones:

Gold/white/black sandals, burgundy pumps, 3 necklaces, two pairs earrings, one bracelet, burgundy faux-leather jacket, burgundy cardigan, denim trousers.

Burgundy is great for transitioning from winter into spring and summer into fall in my experience. I have two white tops, regular skinny jeans, a set of real pearls, and a dark-ish grey blazer that will also help add more variety in outfits to what is here. 

I can go to work, go to the grocery store, or a wedding with what I have pictured. Looking at this- it's almost a wardrobe in itself! The funny thing is I have a few more capsules to go, some much larger!  Blue and black&white will be very large! Green, purple, and burgundy are smaller. There also will be a teeny 'evening' capsule and a teeny 'winter' capsule. I live in upstate NY in the lake effect snow belt, so I have 4 clearly defined seasons and temperatures from 100+ to -30+. I currently own 84 pieces of clothing and 87 accessories all told, though I do plan on another few purges soon.

Overall this has been a great exercise! I can see what would benefit to add vs. what doesn't make sense (coral cardigan I was considering purchasing? Waste of $, too matchy-matchy, and wouldn't get worn frequently). I also feel like I have more than I thought and a lot of options!


  1. Ooo I like this, great idea!

    1. I really did like this, and will do it again hopefully soon. I ended up letting the solid coral top go and was able to identify that the burgundy pumps and coral trench need replacing ASAP lol. The color-blocked dress is also iffy- I've never worn it because it's a tight fit.