Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I'm going to spend more time focusing on doing other things than shopping or browsing online. I'm trying to introduce new habits in my life that are beneficial for myself that do not focus on spending money!

I've already started with adding two new endeavors to my daily routine. One is dry skin brushing ($5 brush, holla), the other is a short exercise routine at home. I'll do these for at least 30 days and then re-evaluate. I'm carefully considering re-vamping my diet (as in, what I eat, not a strict diet) and trying to eliminate the more unhealthy, processed foods and focus more on eating more natural foods. The other thing I am focusing on is to be more effective with my time when I get home. Exercise, cooking dinner, cleaning up, giving my daughter a bath, and spending time with my husband and daughter all are things I need and want to do when I get home. I have about 4 hours total from getting home to bed time. But often, I get distracted doing other things (including browsing online!), excusing myself with 'I need a break', then rushing to do the bare minimum. I don't get the quality time with my family that I crave- let alone doing all the other things I want or need to do.

The hyper-focus of my clothing has made me ignore pretty much all other aspects of my health and life up until now, and it's time to make some positive steps to make me feel better (more than just how my outfit looks each morning!). The goal is not a lot of weight loss (gah, then I couldn't fit in my clothes!) but to feel better physically and emotionally... and perhaps not to get so out of breath each morning when I climb the stairs at work.

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