Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wardrobe Planning (Part I: Clothing)


96- This is a capped total (If I were to reach this number, it would be a 1-in, 1-out rule).

Items in green are additions, items in red are possible purges, items in black are things I already own. Strikeouts are replacements. There is no real timeline for me to purchase/replace/purge these things, this was just for planning purposes, assuming I could buy everything I want or need and don't purge anything I have not already identified to purge. I've incorporated pretty much ALL of my needs and wants, and my real goal is to be minimalist and to keep the number as small as possible- but the exercise was helpful to set my priorities for shopping purposes and to help avoid mistakes.

I did a lot of calculations to see what I thought was ideal for my wardrobe from a wears per year standpoint, and picked numbers from there. Each category is broken down to show how I got my numbers- and as you can see, I have exceeded the ideal number to achieve my wears-per-year goal  in Work Pants and in Dresses, but I am well below currently (or meet the number in the plan) in many other categories. A typical week for me is 4 days in professional clothing and 3 days a week in casual clothing. I tend to do 'dressy casual' and mix a lot of my professional clothing with my more casual clothing. 

I'll do an accessory/shoe post soon.

Blazers and Jackets- 6 + 2 = 8 
(2 days a week x 52 weeks / 12 wears each a year = 9 Jackets)

Black Blazer
Dark Grey Blazer
Green Blazer
White Blazer
Colored Blazer (pink, burgundy, blue?) 
Burgundy faux-leather Jacket 
Teal  faux-leather Jacket
Black leather Jacket

Work Dresses- 8
(1 day a week x 52 weeks / 9 wears a year = 6)

Black sheath dress (all seasons)
Cobalt sheath dress (all seasons)
White and silver tweed sheath dress (all seasons)
Red & white color-blocked sheath (unsure if I should purge, spring/summer only)
Dusky blue sheath (too tight right now, unsure if I should purge, only works in fall/winter right now)
Cobalt jersey dress (also works casually or for travel)
Polka dot halter dress (also an occasion dress, daytime wedding or occasion, spring/summer only)
Coral print sundress (also an occasion dress, daytime wedding or occasion, spring/summer only)

Special Occasion Dresses- 5
(Determined by type of occasion, below. All my needs are met already.)

Red lace sheath dress (holiday or very dressy special event)

Sequin minidress (NYE and/or party dress)
Emerald tiered dress (evening wedding or occasion)
Black tiered dress (work appropriate parties or dressy occasion)
Coral ikat print dress (daytime wedding or occasion, spring/summer only, have other options above)

Skirts- 4 + 2 = 6
(1 time a week x 52 / 9 wears a year = 6)

Teal pencil skirt

Black & white pencil skirt
Blue floral A-line skirt
Leopard A-line skirt
Black skirt
Light-colored skirt

Work Pants- 11 + 1 =12
(2 times a week x 52 / 10 wears a year =10)

Dark Grey pinstripe (high-heel length)
Herringbone wool (high-heel length)
Black slim fit (high heel-length)
Mid Grey pinstripe wide-legs (high-heel length)
Light Grey wide-leg (high-heel length)
Bright blue slim fit (mid-heel length)
Black shiny wide-leg (mid-heel length)
Chocolate brown wide-leg (mid-heel length) (unsure if I should purge)
Grey/tan slim fit (mid-heel length)
Black slim fit (flats length) (unsure if I should purge)
Cobalt blue ankle pants (any length)
Burgundy pants

Casual Pants- 6 +2 = 8
(3 times a week x 52 / 20 wears a year =8)

Black velvet leggings Black skinnies
Grey jeggings Replace with similar but better fit
Dark grey bootcut jeans (unsure if I should purge)
Dark denim skinnies
Mid blue skinnies
Denim trousers
Colored skinnies

Tops- 13 + 6 = 19
(5.5 wears a week x 52 weeks /15 wears a year = 19)

Cream ruffle blouse

White ruffled tiered tank Fitted white blouse
Geo print tie neck blouse
Polka dot tie neck blouse
Black ruffled blouse
Black slim tiered tank
Coral print blouse
Cobalt flutter sleeve blouse
Cobalt printed ruffle tank
Blue & white striped top
White peasant blouse
Green print peplum top
Black flutter sleeve tunic top
Fitted burgundy blouse
Printed fitted blouse
Coral/pink top
Printed blouse
Green top
Teal top

Sweaters- 4 + 3 = 7
(1.5 times a week x 52 / 10 wears a year =8)

Black surplice sweater
Red surplice sweater
White boat-neck sweater
Purple cowl neck tunic (unsure if I should purge)
Polka dot sweater
Pink sweater
Blue or green sweater

Camis and Tanks- 6 
(No calculations, just determined by layering needs)

White lace cami Replace
Black lace cami Replace
Purple lace cami
Purple straight lace cami Black tank
Teal lace cami
White tank

Cardigans- 12 + 1 = 13
(5 times a week x 52 / 15 wears a year =17)

Blue cardigan Replace
Teal cardigan
Fuchsia cardigan
Aqua print cardigan
Burgundy cardigan
Red cardigan Replace
Black sparkle cardigan Replace
Leopard print cardigan
Purple cardigan
Black and white color-block Replace
Cobalt print cardigan
Grey print cardigan
White cardigan

Coats- 3 + 1 = 4
(No calculations, just determined by needs)

Teal winter coat (may purge and replace if still doesn't fit this year)
Dark grey winter coat
Coral lightweight trench Replace
New winter coat


  1. This is SUCH a great list, I love your method of figuring out the holes you need to fill in in your wardrobe. The fact that you've pared things down quite a bit makes it a lot easier to figure it out. :D

    1. Thanks Megan! Sometimes a list is dangerous I think because I just want to tick off all the boxes at once. Something I need to think about in the future for sure. You're right, having a smaller wardrobe makes it much easier to KNOW what you have and to determine what you could get the most use out of by purchasing rather than random shopping!