Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Project 333 Capsule List

I have (5) Jackets/Blazers, (3) Dresses, (2) Skirts, (8) Tops, (3) Sweaters, (5) Cardigans, (2) Casual Pants, and (4) Work Pants in my capsule. I have (1) open temporary open item.

What is in my Capsule Wardrobe?:
1. Burgundy jacket

2. Black blazer
3. Dark gray blazer
4. Black leather jacket
5. Oxblood leather jacket
6. White & tweed dress
7. Black belted dress
8. Cobalt zippered dress
9. Black ruffle pencil skirt
10. Leopard print a-line skirt
11. Black sleeveless tiered top
12. Leopard print hi-low blouse
13. Teal button placket blouse
14. Burgundy sleeveless blouse
15. White surplice blouse
16. Burgundy print hi-low blouse
17. Cream ruffled blouse
18. Geo-print tie-neck blouse

19. White boat-neck sweater
20. Purple cowl-neck sweater
21. Black surplice sweater

22. Black  slim trousers
23. Gray herringbone flared trousers
24. Gray pinstripe wide-leg trousers
25. Tan slim trousers
26. Denim trousers
27. Skinny jeans

28. White Cardigan
29. Purple Cardigan
30. Leopard Cardigan
31. Teal Cardigan
32. Black Cardigan
33. Temporary open item/wild card

What am I not counting?

Since this is my first round and it's in the fall/early winter for me (which means I layer it up), I decided to only count articles of clothing in an actual outfit.

-Under layers (camisoles, underclothing) do not count. I only have 5 camisoles anyway, and no-one really cares about my underpinnings!
-Outer layers (my 2 winter coats or 1 light trench coat, 2 pairs of winter boots, 1 winter scarf, 1 pair of gloves). These are only worn for the weather.
-Accessories (that would be bracelets, necklaces, earrings, which total 38 items to choose from).
-My daily worn items (wedding ring and my one and only purse).
-Shoes (I have 14 pairs that are not winter boots, but 3 of these are spring/summer only so 11 to choose from).
-Special occasion dresses (I have up to 4 that could work for fall/winter).


It didn't take very long to reach this 'final' list for some reason. I sat down and took maybe an hour total. I have some things that didn't make the cut that I will miss, but all in all I feel like I have a lot to choose from here and a lot of good combinations. There is a lot of pattern and color included- just look at my color palette! I also tried to include a pretty wide variety of silhouettes- I concentrated on being authentic to myself and my style rather than on creating the most mixable/matchable/versatile minimalist wardrobe that ever existed. I crave variety, color, and pattern! I'm glad I have that one open item, so if I feel the need to I can pick one more item from my wardrobe to add to my capsule.

While I may be cheating by not including accessories/shoes and outerwear this run, I will be counting up everything I use and frequency, which I will post each week. (Spoiler alert- I've technically being doing Project 333 since Monday 9/15, since I was careful only to wear items I knew would be in my capsule). I am planning on doing weekly recap posts every Monday.


  1. Love the inspiration board! That is great. I was surprised at how easy it was to make a capsule, too. Honestly, it got a little harder as I went on, because I wanted to pull things out I hadn't worn (out of guilt or a misplaced sense of longing) and didn't want to rewear certain things (afraid I'd tire of them, or wanted to try a different color story). The pure color story approach works really well. I do find, however, WITHOUT FAIL, that there's a pair of bottoms I almost never wear and end up swapping for a plain top. Right now I have four white tees, a grey tee, and a black tee in my capsule (which is a bit over 33 items -maybe 40 between clothes and shoes?) and they are - without fail - the first things in the hamper and the first things I reach for after laundry day.

    1. Thank you Rebecca :-) I can't wait to see what I do with my capsule- both what I learn and what struggles I may have. It's early yet but so far so good!

  2. I look forward to seeing how the 333 Challenge works out for you!