Monday, September 22, 2014

Project 333 Week 1

Number of outfits:
4 work outfits, 3 casual outfits (after work, Friday, weekend)

Items worn from capsule (see capsule here): 10 items

2x- Teal blouse
2x- Black sleeveless v-neck top
1x- Purple/Burgundy print hi-lo blousey top
2x- Leopard print cardigan
1x- Black cardigan
2x- Purple cowl sweater
1x- Blue zippered dress
2x- Dark gray herringbone slim-flare trousers
1x- Gray herringbone striped wide-leg trousers
4x- Skinny Jeans

Other items (other than literal underclothing!): 17 items

6x- Teal lightweight trench (outdoors only)
3x- Purple leopard flats (commute) and 1x- outfit
2x- Black pointed/almond-toe high heels
1x- Red pointy-toe mid-height heels
1x- Burgundy pointy-tow high heels
3x- Tan suede ankle boots
2x- Teal camisole (under clothing only)
1x- Black camisole (under clothing only)
2x- Purple camisole (under clothing only)
1x- Navy/Light blue/Pink  jeweled collar necklace
2x- Rectangle triple-strand necklace
1x- Rhinestone jeweled collar necklace
1x- Heart necklace
3x- Long crystal pendant necklace
6x- Pearl and rhinestone earrings
1x- White and gold drop earrings
1x- Gray pants belt
Wedding Ring (every day, never count)
Colorblocked Purse (every day, never count)


This was my first week with Project 333. I still have 23 items left unworn in the capsule.

I felt pretty good with my selections, but quickly discovered that I needed to do two things: I need to plan my outfits the night before so I don't feel tempted to wear something not in my capsule/feel too limited by my capsule when in a rush, and I need to move the majority of the non-33 items out of my sight to reduce the temptation. I started project 333 with several new items that I'm excited to wear, so boredom has not set in yet.

I've been tempted to wear a couple items that are not in my capsule, primarily a gray pair of straight trousers that split the wears of my fitted slim-flare herringbone trousers and the only non-spring/summer top that is not in my capsule. I didn't add the top because I tend to wear it with a burgundy cardigan that was also not included. The top is a contender for becoming the 33rd item but I'm not certain yet. I also was tempted with my jade faux-leather jacket and my red surplice sweater (my dad's favorite color, which I was tempted to wear when I went to see my parents).

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